Here are our top HTC Vive titles you should play today!

While the HTC Vive only released earlier this year, the number of titles available for the platform is growing at an exponential rate. If you've just picked up your headset, choosing titles from the SteamVR library is becoming an ever more daunting feat. We've rounded up our favorite titles that you need to pick up first for your HTC Vive.

A number of our favourite HTC Vive titles are still in development, despite their consumer versions available in 'Early Access' on Steam. Due to their current in-progress state, we've decided to keep Early Access titles out of our must-have list. Make sure to check out our list of our top ten early access titles!

Job Simulator

Virtual reality is a platform designed to disconnect you from the real world, so the last place you'd expect to find yourself is working in a virtual office. Somehow, Job Simulator manages to shake up this mindset, by adding enjoyable characteristics to the most tedious of tasks.

Never did I think I'd find pleasure from manual labour, but Job Simulator manages to add excitement to the most mundane of professions. By taking on the role of a chef, car mechanic, office worker or store clerk, players are tasked with completing customer orders.

These tasks only act as a guideline and some of Job Simulator's greatest moments can be experienced when steering away from these activities. With only minor guidance and no time limit, the game encourages players to be creative in their approach and experience all the surrounding environment has to offer.

Job Simulator is currently available for $29.99 via the Steam Store, however, is often provided as a free title alongside the purchase of an HTC Vive.

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Hover Junkers

Built from the ground up with virtual reality in mind, Hover Junkers delivers a full-fledged first-person shooter experience for the HTC Vive. With polished gunplay and intuitive overall game mechanics, Hover Junkers provides one of the most immersive, yet familiar experiences to date.

Hover Junkers is currently exclusive to the HTC Vive, meaning that all players use a similar hardware setup. This is hugely important in the game's multiplayer mode, which sees players fighting between ships to claim scrap and loot.

The idea of shooters in virtual reality has gained mass appeal in recent months, but a number of the most anticipated titles are still in the early stages of development. While these titles are still attempting to get out of the door, Hover Junkers is now receiving frequent updates which introduce even more content. The developer has also released a detailed roadmap which outlines content players can expect in future updates.

Hover Junkers is currently available for $34.99 via the Steam Store.

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Trials on Tatooine

Some of the most immersive and engaging virtual reality experiences are those that feel familiar. This has emerged to be one of the best ways of introducing people to the concept of virtual reality, by adapting established franchises to the medium.

This has lead to experiences such as Trials of Tatooine - an official Star Wars experience which takes advantage of the HTC Vive's room-scale functionality. The game offers less than ten minutes of playtime, but manages to capture the essence the Star Wars movies. With iconic characters, ship battles and a short lightsaber fight, Trials on Tatooine shows the true potential of interactive cinematic experiences.

Trials on Tatooine is available for download exclusively via Steam as a free-to-play title.

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As someone who's never seen the interest in rhythm-based music games, Audioshield is a title I never expected to get so much enjoyment from. Unlike a majority of music-based titles, which rely on bespoke external peripherals, Audioshield takes advantage of the HTC Vive's two motion controllers. Wielding two colored shields in-game, players are challenged with blocking incoming 'beats' as they're propelled towards them.

One of the game's most outstanding features is its tracklist, which is directly linked to SoundCloud. With this integration, Audioshield can generate beat patterns for all your favourite songs. The game also has dedicated in-game leaderboards, which create a range of scores to compare with your friends.

Audioshield is currently available for $19.99 via the Steam Store.

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The Lab

As one of the free to play titles available exclusively through SteamVR, The Lab is one of the best titles to date that showcases the potential of virtual reality. Marketed as a premier entry-point to VR, the game takes advantage of almost all technology offered the HTC Vive.

For those who picked up a Nintendo Wii, The Lab can be most simply explained as the Wii Sports of the HTC Vive. Packed with a number of simple, yet replayable sandbox experiences, the game provides a sense of the system's potential. Included in the package is a mix of experiences that combine room scale, photorealism, and narrative elements into a truly unique experience.

The Lab is available for download exclusively via Steam as a free-to-play title.

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What about you?

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