There's always something new and interesting to play.

Whether you're recovering from a Summer Sale hangover or you're in desperate need of something new to keep your kids distracted while you figure out a good vacation schedule, there's a lot happening in the VR world right now. New apps and games are being released on an almost daily basis, and keeping up with that is a lot of work.

To lend a hand, we've assembled a short list of the fun things we're playing this week, so you've got something quick to glance at while you sort out the rest of your week in the real world.

HTC Vive

Polynomial 2

Everything is music. Trippy, colorful, space-faring weapons of music. Polynomial 2 is all about "melting your face" with a unique experience, and through a VR headset that becomes a full body trip where your face is the crosshair for the weapons you fire to keep the song going and the colors flying.

Polynomial 2 is available on Steam Early Access for $10.19.

Water Bears

Water redirection puzzles are one of those things you are either hopelessly addicted to or don't care for. Assuming you're in the former group, Water Bears is going to make you very happy. Walk around a puzzle to make the right water pipe connection, and free the water bears from their bubble prisons by filling them with water.

Water Bears is available on Steam for $7.99.

Oculus Rift

The Climb

All of your friends are waiting for you at the top of this massive rock face, are you going to let them down? No, you're going to powder those hands and get to climbing. The Climb does a great job applying all of the anxiety to climbing real-world environments without all the actual physical labor involved in climbing. It's great fun, but seriously don't look down.

The Climb is available in the Oculus Store for $49.99.

BigScreen Beta

Put your virtual desktop somewhere nice, and invite a friend or two over to take a look at what you're working on. BigScreen lets you share your screen with other VR users in a thoroughly polished virtual environment, enabling instant audio chat with friends and a way to be a little social while you game or show off a project you're working on.

BigScreen Beta is currently free on Steam.

Samsung Gear VR

Herobound Gladiators


Dark Days

The only thing better than scaring yourself half to death is being able to do so no matter where you are. With your trusty Gear VR and Dark Days, you get a portable nightmare that has you searching for clues and trying to escape the monsters in the shadows. Each room in this game needs to be explored entirely in order to put the pieces together, but the deeper you search the creepier everything gets.

Dark Days is available in the Oculus Store for $7.99.

Google Cardboard

Lamper VR: First Flight

Something for the whole family! Fly around as a tiny bug in the big world, collecting coins and dodging obstacles through runner-style courses. This is the first of two great VR titles with a healthy selection of characters to play with an no shortage of challenging levels to fly around in.

Lamper VR: First Flight is free in the Google Play Store.


Get social with your Google Cardboard! VTime creates virtual spaces for other Cardboard users to get together and chat, making it possible for you to meet new people or just hang out virtually with your existing friends. Each VTime experience is a little different, but the ability to look around and see your friends makes a huge difference as you enjoy the world together. Just make sure you have some headphones, or things get noisy fast!

vTime is free in the Google Play Store.