How do I get Rift games working on my Vive?

PC gamers have long been proud of their peacefulness (other than a few mild dust-ups with the console armies). There hasn't been a war between PC gamers in years!

Keeping with the trend of sharing and caring, LibreVR created ReVive, software that lets HTC Vive owners play Oculus Rift games. Why can't Rift games by default be played on Vive? We'll get into that.

Let's take a look at how ReVive works, a little history about Oculus Home games, and finally a list of all the Rift games that work with Vive.

What is ReVive and why does it exist?

Lucky's Tale in Vive

Simply put, ReVive was created by LibreVR in order to solve a crisis; Rift games exclusive to Oculus Home (the Rift's platform) couldn't be played on the Vive. Gamers were loving ReVive and the ability to play Rift games on Vive, at least until an ill-fated Oculus update.

Back in May, Oculus updated their Home app and introduced digital-rights-management (DRM) software, effectively shutting down ReVive just as they were getting off the ground. The amount of feedback from the community was overwhelming, and Oculus reversed their decision about a month later. The DRM software was removed, and ReVive became fully functional again!

Oculus couldn't promise future updates wouldn't wreck ReVive compatibility.

Oculus has stated that they will never implement DRM again, but will go ahead with platform exclusive titles — hard to vilify them for the latter statement. Judging from the amount of flack they received the first time they implemented DRM, it's hard to believe Oculus would do the same thing again,

Oculus did say, however, that they couldn't promise that future updates wouldn't wreck ReVive compatibility. This sort of sounds like a fancy way of saying DRM without using the actual buzzword, but who at the moment knows. As long as actual DRM doesn't return, brave soldiers fighting for VR peace will do their best to share games across VR platforms.

We're not trying to pit one company against the other, but it's important to give praise when praise is due — Valve and their OpenVR SDK lets Rift users in the front door.

How does ReVive work?

To really dumb things down, ReVive essentially grabs function calls on their way to the Vive headset and detours them to the Rift. When you're in your Vive looking at the SteamVR menu, you'll notice a ReVive icon near the bottom. If you click on it you can bring up your games in the Oculus Home library.

It's incredibly easy to use, and it's also painless to set up.

How to set up ReVive

Note that you need both Oculus Home (the standard Oculus Rift app) and SteamVR installed in order for ReVive to work. You also need to have Rift games bought and downloaded!

  1. Download the ReVive installer from GitHub.
  2. Click the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser.
  3. Click I Agree.

    Click the downloaded file in your browser. Click I Agree.

  4. Click Next > after you've chosen a destination for installation.
  5. Click Install.

    Click Next. Click Install.

  6. Click Close.
  7. Launch SteamVR from your desktop or Start menu.

    Click Close. Launch SteamVR.

At this point you'll want to put on the Vive headset and continue the steps.

  1. Click on ReVive at the bottom of the SteamVR menu.
  2. Click any Rift game displayed in the menu.

    Click on Revive. Click any Rift game.

The Rift game will open and you can use your Vive and an Xbox controller to play. Expect some kinks while you play since the games were designed for Oculus, but we experienced nothing major or game-breaking.

Oculus games guaranteed compatible with ReVive

This list of 36 Oculus games you can use with your Vive is bound to grow.

  • Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games
  • AirMech: Command
  • BlazeRush
  • Boursin Sensorium Virtual Reality Experience
  • Chronos
  • Darknet
  • Defense Grid 2
  • Dreadhalls
  • Edge of Nowhere (Flickering fix)
  • Esper 2
  • EVE: Valkyrie
  • Farlands
  • Fly to Kuma
  • Henry
  • Herobound (Requires older plugin)
  • Hitman GO: VR Edition
  • Invasion!
  • Introduction to Virtual Reality
  • iOMoon
  • Lost
  • Lucky's Tale
  • Ocean Rift
  • Oculus 360 Photos
  • Oculus Dreamdeck
  • Oculus Video
  • Please Don't Touch Anything
  • Pinball FX2 VR
  • Showdown
  • Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe
  • Smashing the Battle
  • Technolust
  • The Body VR
  • The Climb
  • VR Tennis Online
  • vTime
  • Woofbert VR

Your Rift and Vive

Do you use your Vive to play Rift games? How does it work? Let us know all about it in the comments section below.