Get to know your Gear VR home page, Oculus Home.

Sit on your couch in a beautiful open air design, and explore a world you never imagined. That's the idea behind Oculus Home, your base of operations while using Gear VR. It's from here you can access your library, and new as of yet unexplored apps or experiences. Knowing where everything is helps quite a bit though.

Inside Oculus Home

Oculus Home is set up to make sure you can find everything you're looking for at a glance. That's why they designed Home to work as a home base. In front of you are the current featured apps, with 3 icons seated directly under them. These icons will take you to Home, to your library or to the store.

If you look to your left you'll find a list of your 4 most recently used apps. Further to the left is the Gear VR tutorial that will walk you through all of the basic functions of the headset. To the right of the featured apps screen, is where you'll find social information. It's here that you can see your list of friends, as well as any pending requests that need your time.

Oculus Store

You can access the Oculus store by using one of the small icons seated near the bottom of your screen. This is where you'll find all the of the apps and experiences that are currently available for Gear VR. When the store opens up, you'll see three screens directly in front of you with featured apps. On the left you'll find a category list that lets you easily find whatever kind of app you are seeking.

When you select an app or experience, you'll get more information about it before you go ahead and download it. This includes the price, the rating, the comfort level and a small description of the game that you are about to install. The information provided is there to help you make an informed decision about every app that you pick up for Gear VR so that you always find what you're looking for.

Oculus Social

Enjoying VR with friends can easily make things for fun for everyone involved, and Oculus is very aware of that. It's why they have a small catalog of social apps and ways to connect with friends in VR.

You can easily add your friends by looking them using their username or finding them on facebook. You do need to do this using your phone and the Oculus app when you are not in VR. After they have responded to your friend request, you'll find their username on the right side of your screen in the social section or in the friends section of the oculus app on your phone.

There are also awesome games and apps that can be used with friends. You can find social apps like Altspace VR, and vTime which will let you find new friends, and interact with people you've never met all over the world. There are also games that include multiplayer modes which will let you and friends enjoy the same game in real time, like Herobound: Gladiators, and Oculus Social.


Your library is where all of the games and experiences you have purchased lived. The first big thing to remember is that this shows all of the apps you've purchased, and includes games that you may have uninstalled or that might not be installed. This is handy in a pinch if you've upgraded your phone to have a better overall experience.

When your library initially opens up, you'll see a set of 9 screens directly in front of you. These will show you the 9 most recent apps that you have downloaded. By swiping across your touchpad, you're then able to scroll over and see past those most recent downloaded game to access the rest of your library.

If you look over to the left, you'll also see a small menu. You can see if any of your apps or experiences have gotten updates that you should check on. Just under that you'll also see a tab titled 'not installed'. This is where you can find apps that you have purchased, but which are not currently installed on your device.

How to return to Oculus Home

Oculus Home is your jumping off point and nexus, so being able to return quickly is handy in a pinch. Thankfully, Oculus has made that very very easy for you. No matter where you are, or what you're doing, you can easily return home with just a button.

If you're browsing through your library, or the store you can easily return just by finding the icons at the bottom of the screen. All you need to do is tap on the Home icon, and you'll be returned without issue. If you're within an app, then you'll need to press and hold the back button just above your touch screen.

When you press and hold the back button a dialog screen will pop up asking if you want to return to Oculus Home. All you need to do is tap on 'Yes', and you will be returned to Oculus Home.


Do you have more questions about Oculus Home? Be sure to ask away in the comments section below; we want to hear all about your experiences when using it!