You're gonna wait accessories to get the most out of your Gear VR.

The Gear VR is an awesomely accessible way to experience VR no matter where you are. If you really want to take your enjoyment of the Gear to the next level though, you'll definitely want to take a look at picking up some accessories. Headphones, controllers, and cleaning cloths are all on this list, and they'll help to make sure you have the best experience possible.

With that in mind, keep scrolling for the accessories you shouldn't miss.


The number one accessory that should be on your list, is a an awesome pair of headphones. You can choose between over the ear headphones, or ear buds, since you'll be able to plug in while playing the Gear VR if need be. Bluetooth headphones are going to treat you just a little bit better, since there won't be any cords to get in the way while you are lost in VR.

Samsung Gear Circle

Samsung's bluetooth earbuds are a great pair to use with your Gear VR. They attach easily and provide decent sound, although if you like your volume racked up through the roof, you may run into some issues. Their lack of wires makes them a great pair of earbuds to use with your Gear VR.

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Bose QuietComfort 25

If you want a pair of absolutely amazing headphones, and you don't mind shelling out some extra money for them, then you should definitely take a peek at these Bose over the ear headphones. They have active noise canceling, which means that when you put them on in VR, you can really dive right in and leave the real world far behind you. The only possible downside to these headphones is that they are wired, but if that wire does get in your way you can pick up an extended cord for it.

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After headphones, the second accessory that shouldn't be missing from your list is a good controller. While there are many apps and games that don't require one, some of the best games do. That means that finding a good bluetooth controller should be priority number two when taking a look at the accessories you plan to pick up.

SteelSeries Stratus XL

For those Xbox One users who've made the jump to Gear VR, the SteelSeries Stratus XL should feel fairly familiar. This is a much larger controller than the others, which might be what you've been looking for. The buttons are all quite large at well, which makes finding the right button when you can't see what you're doing much easier.

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Cleaning cloths

Keeping your Gear VR clean, and ready to roll with is key. There are few things as aggravating as being ready to jump into your favorite VR game and having to take your headset off because the lens are dusty. To avoid this problem, investing in some microfiber cleaning cloths is a solid plan that will pay dividends.

AmazonBasics Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

These microfiber cloths from Amazon basics are a solid choice. You can pick up anywhere from a 12-pack to a 144-pack of these cloths, and they have the added benefit of being washing machine safe. You'll be set for a while with just a smaller set of them, but if you want dozens of cleaning cloths you'll be set. They're also super affordable which is always a good thing.

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Replacement face pad

After using your Gear VR for a few minutes you can easily see how it can wind up getting seriously dirty. This is especially true of the foam padding where your face goes in the headset. Picking up a replacement face pad, or cover can help to make sure that your headset stays in good order for longer.

Samsung Gear VR Cover

This cover is specifically built to be nice and comfortable for when you'll be in VR for a while. The cushion is made of cotton, so it will absorb sweat while you're playing. It's also machine washable which means that once you need to clean it, you can just pull it off your Gear VR and toss in the wash. There is also a second kind available made out of a leather like material that is waterproof. In either case you'll receive two of the covers and a small carrying pouch for them.

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Carrying case

We've got one last suggestion for the accessories you should have in your repetoire, and that is for a good carrying case. Your Gear VR isn't being used all the time. You'll want to have a safe place to store it, as well as being able to safely bring it with you when you decide to share it with friends.

Hard Travel Storage Carrying Case

This case comes in several different sizes, and is specifically made to fit the Gear VR. It's padded on the inside, and hard on the outside to help make sure that no accidentally jostling occurs. You can pick up the smallest size which will firmly hold your Gear VR, or grab one of the larger cases that can comfortably fit both your headset and your bluetooth controller.

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There are plenty more accessories that you can find and pick up to enhance your experience with the Gear VR. We obviously didn't cover them all, instead we gave you the best basic accessories to help on your journey in VR. If you've got a favorite accessory that we missed here, be sure to leave us a comment about it!