It's time to scare the crap out of your friends.

October is halloween season, which means it's the season for scaring yourself silly. The next time you invite friends over to fool around in VR, you should definitely have a few frightening games and experiences ready. After all, who doesn't want to watch their friends get spooked when they're stuck in a Gear VR.


Nobody wants to be trapped inside of a creepy room with something that doesn't like you very much, but that's exactly what has happened with Sisters. You'll have to keep looking around to see what is actually going on, but beware where you do, or you may find something you didn't expect.

Sisters is super creepy, and guaranteed to make you jump by the time you encounter the phantom in the room with you. It's a seriously atmospheric game to try out, but it's short and sweet, which makes it perfect for sharing.

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How does the sound of being trapped in a labyrinth with a monster sound? Add to that the fact that you have no weapons to speak of, and your only light source is a torch, and things get even creepier. That is exactly the premise behind Dreadhalls, and a game that will get your heart thumping.

You'll have to hide while winding your way through the halls, and hoping that you don't encounter the beast that is hunting you. This suspenseful ride is a lot of fun, but can take a fair few minutes to get through. Each dungeon is procedurally generated, so you'll never get the exact same experience twice.

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Affected — The Manor

Haunted houses are a staple of both Halloween, and horror in general. Affected — The Manor doesn't let you down on that count. Choose between which floor you want, and then try to get through a terrifying experience. It's a fairly short game, which makes this one perfect for playing with friends too.

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If you're a fan of creepy empty schools, and unsolved mysteries, then Pupil may be right up your alley. Your mission, should you choose to terrify yourself, is to uncover the mystery hidden inside. Just be careful, because you definitely aren't alone. This immersive game is going to send chills up your spine without a problem.

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Is there a particular horror game for Gear VR you think we missed? Do you have a favorite that always scares you? Be sure to pop into the comment section below, and let us know about it!