There's more to owning a PlayStation VR than being Batman.

As gaming VR systems go, PlayStation VR has been a hit so far. The initial launch left many hunting for games that were out of stock for days and controllers that were out of stock for longer, but now that things have settled down and you've started pushing through the lineup of launch titles, it's time to take a look at what you need to enjoy this headset long term. Outside of a fresh controller and the new PlayStation Camera, this is what you need to fully enjoy your PlayStation VR!

All-in-one stand

By the time you have the headset, camera, move controllers, and regular DualShock 4 controller set up, it dawns on you that there's not enough USB ports on your PS4 to charge everything. This sucks if your goal is to let everything charge overnight, especially if the other outlets in your living room aren't easily accessible. There are several solutions to this partiocular dilemma, but the Power A charge and displ;ay stand is one of the better options out here.

It's a simple stand for the headse itself, but also charges the three controllers used to fully enjoy PSVR. The controller dock lets you press down to release from the dock, and looks nice in the process. It's a solid solution all around, espeically if room on your entertainment center is limited.

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Travel Case

You arent always going to be playing PSVR at home, especially if you have friends that also have PS4s and want you to come convince them to grab one of these headsets for themselves. Your PlayStation VR is more than light enough for quick travel, but the lenses and display in the headset are fragile and need to be treated as such.

Carrying cases are a simple solution to your portability problem. All you really need is a nice strudy body to keep from basic bumps, and something to keep the lenses safe when you're moving around. Once you have that solved, you can go just about anywhere!

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Sanitary Mask

This isn't always something people think about, but passing germs from person to person through a VR headset is a possibility. There's plenty of ways to deal with this, but if you're planning on showing off your PlayStation VR to a huge group of people you might consider upgrading from small alcohol wipes to a full sanitary mask.

PlayStation VR is already one of the better headsets for multi-user VR because the headset is never pressed firmly against your face, but a sanitary mask removes any potential by creating a temporary barrier on your skin. Yes, this is basically a condom for your VR headset. Stop giggling and put it on.

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Controller Grip

You can't see your controller when the PlayStation VR is on your head, which isn't a problem for veteran gamers but may make things like grabbing for your controller when you've set it down a little tricky. If you only have one controller this is less of a problem, but for many folks it's easy to get confused. Some custom controller grips arte just what the doctor ordered.

These are simple rubbery accessories that fit to your controller and offer a unique texture. Some of these grips come in custom colors, but that's going to be benefit you somewhat less inside PlayStation VR. All that really matters is you're ability to reach out and know the controller is yours.

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Stationary Bike

Wandering around your living room in PlayStation VR is fun, but there are other ways to enjoy this headset. Things that don't feel like you're either standing or sitting. Ways to experience VR that genuinely feel like you're a part of the world you're interacting with, by tricking your whole body into being a part of the experience. A good start is with a stationary bike that plays with your current VR experience, and one of those already exists!

This stationary bike is a full fitness monitoring system, and it works by putting you in VR and making it feel like you're really going for a bike ride around town. There are several experiences included with the bike itself, but the mechanics may one day also translate to motorcycle experiences or other racing games. The bottom line is full immersion, and we've yet to see what the limits are for that in the home!

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