There aren't many out there, but the free apps on PlayStation VR are nothing to scoff at.

Sony launched PlayStation VR with a bang, including a ton of amazing games from nearly every genre. If you haven't spent any time lurking through the PlayStation store since setting up your PlayStation VR, then you might not realize that there are a handful of free apps available for download right now. At the moment, the pickings are a bit slim, but that's to be expected since we're only a few short days past launch day. Well, don't worry about searching through the PlayStation store because we've got the details on the best free apps on PlayStation VR.



If you've played with Gear VR then you might recognize Within. It's a 360 degree video streaming service, that offers all sorts of different videos. Each one is a bit different from the clicking language of Sperm Whales, to the history of how New York City is a city of immigrants.

You can explore the available videos by scrolling to the left or right, and you're surrounded with a gorgeous mountain lake. When you choose a video, you'll get more details about the video before you choose to launch it. Once the video launches, you are fully surrounded by video and there are some fantastic videos to check out.

Download Within from the PlayStation Store



Invasion is a short film that centers around a pair of aliens who have set their sights on conquering Earth. There is just one problem. The first thing they run into is a mischievous white rabbit who isn't going to take their scare tactics sitting down. You'll find that you're a little white rabbit as well, if you take a look at your feet while watching the video.

This is only about a 5 minute long video, but it's adorable enough that you'll chuckle a little bit. If you want a mini-movie that will tickle your funny bone, this is a great one to check out.

Download Invasion! from the PlayStation Store



If you've never had the chance to just kick back and watch your favorite show from within VR, now is your chance. PlayStation VR gives you access to Hulu, where you can catch up on your favorite movies and television shows. While the app itself is free, you will need a monthly membership in order to watch your shows.

Hulu also has a small library of short VR videos that you can check out. Not all of them are of great quality, but there are some cool ones that you can check out. These include shorts from National Geographic, and Kevin Hart. While the VR videos are cool, it's far more fun to sit in your VR living room and catch up on the latest episodes of your favorite shows.

Download Hulu from the PlayStation Store



You might not think of VR as an awesome place to experience an animated short film, but Allumette would prove you wrong. There isn't any actual dialogue in the film, instead you'll hear music that helps to convey the emotion of the story that is unfolding around you.

It's the heart rending tale of a girl, and her mother and the sacrifice one makes for the other. The animation is gorgeous in a style that may remind you of stop motion classics from the past. We won't give away the story itself, but it takes place in a town on clouds in the sky. At times the animation is so close that you can lean in, or move slightly to see around the corners of the town. It is a bit long though, so be prepared.

Download Allumette from the PlayStation Store

Littlstar VR


Littlstar is another video app that is filled to the brim with content. These videos are all in 360 degrees, and put you smack in the middle of the action whether that means seeing Rio for the Olympics, or being interrogated in a Funny or Die sketch. They've got a pretty awesome navigation system as well.

You can navigate your way through categories, featured videos, channels, and more to find the videos that you really want to see. You'll even seen television channels, like Discovery and Showtime that has produced VR content for you to enjoy.

Download Littlstar VR from the PlayStation Store

These aren't the only free apps that we've found on PlayStation VR, and doubtless there will be more added in the future. In the meantime though, these are our favorite free apps from the PlayStation Store. Do you have a favorite free PlayStation VR app we should check out? Have you been watching 360 videos on your PlayStation VR? Be sure to drop us a comment below!