What Rift games are coming out in April?

The library of Oculus Rift games continues to grow each month, both on the Oculus store and on Steam. To help you decide what to save up for, or just to give you something to look forward to, here are the Rift games confirmed to be coming April 2017.

Notable releases this month

Here's what we've found so far!

Wilson's Heart

Slated for release on April 25, you might have already been aware of Wilson's Heart if you follow the Oculus blog. From Twisted Pixel, this horror title takes place in the 40s when surgeries weren't the same as they are today.

You play as Wilson, a patient who's had his heart replaced. It's up to you to wander around a demented hospital, uncovering its secrets as things get weirder by the minute. With beautiful graphics and about 10 hours of promised gameplay, we can't wait to get our hands on this psychological trip.

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Forestry is less than a week away, which means you better have been working out in preparation; logging isn't easy. You're dropped in the middle of a forest where a camp has been erected in preparation. Grab two axes and get to chopping!

Everything in this game can be destroyed and rebuilt how you want. Build a cabin with the logs you cut down, or use your axes to whittle shavings off a tree trunk before rearranging them into a work of art. As you destroy the forest you'll no doubt discover a secret or two, which has us excited to try Forestry when it drops on April 7.

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More Oculus Rift releases

There are plenty more Rift games being released this month; here are the ones we can confirm. We will update this list as other surprise titles pop up.

What are you playing?

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