Captain's Log, Stardate 94807.36. Our hunt for Ubisoft's epic masterpiece continues.

Nine long months ago, the folks at Ubisoft took to the stage with legends from all over the Star Trek universe to show us what it would be like to be on the bridge of our very own starship with friends. It's every Trek fan's dream, and not only is there going to be a game all about that experience, but you'll be able to play online with your friends at different stations on the Bridge. Not only did Star Trek: Bridge Crew sound like a dream, but it's one of several Ubi games that are truly cross platform in the VR world.

And you can't play it yet. In fact, none of us can. The game has been delayed on multiple occasions now, but it looks like there may finally be a real launch date for this epic new game.

The road so far

Originally, Star Trek: Bridge Crew was slated for a November 2016 release. In fact, shortly after the E3 presentation that earned so much hype, the game was available to demo on the show floor. The idea excited a lot of folks, and knowing it was only going to be a few short months from release got people even more excited for its release.

This game was launching alongside Ubi's other immensely successful VR games, Eagle Flight and Werewolves Within, so it was in great company. In fact, in a recent interview with Red Storm's David Votypka, he claimed Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be a "AAA" game that people will want to play for hours at a time.

And then it was delayed until March 14th, 2017. If you check your calendar, you'll see that already happened, and there's no game to jump in with your friends and enjoy. This date seemed a little more set in stone, especially if you hopped on Google and searched for the released date of this game.

In fact, just a few hours ago, the listing still said March 14 as though it was available now. Not only was it not available, but demo stations for VR games have never had the game available to try in the mean time.

When do we get Star Trek: Bridge Crew?

Currently, Star Trek: Bridge Crew has been delayed to May 30, 2017. That's 13 days away from being exactly a year since the game was first teased at E3, and with any luck won't be delayed again.

Why this date? There was some initial speculation that NBC had worked out a deal with Ubisoft to launch this game alongside another frequently delayed Star Trek project. Offering Star Trek: Bridge Crew alongside Star Trek: Discovery would have been quite a treat for fans of the franchise, but it looks like that series has been delayed until the fall. So far, there's been nothing to suggest this game will be delayed to match.

When the game finally does launch, Star Trek: Bridge Crew will be available for PlayStation VR, Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch, and the HTC Vive through SteamVR and Viveport. The AAA claim comes with a AAA price tag, so expect to drop $59.99 when it's finally available!