Bailey's New Digs

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Birthday Gash

Briing a Friend: Birthday Gash

You've got some serious plans for your birthday, including time out on the town and drinking with your boys. But your girlfriend Xandra wants to celebrate with you too. So she invites her friend Sabina over so you can get the two for one special on your big day.

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Expanding Whorizons

Try Something New: lExpanding Whorizons

Sabina Rouge has always bene more attracted to the women in her life, but she's decided to take a ride on the other side. Since she's heard rave reviews about your package, she wants you to help her expand her horizons. If you're up to the job that is.

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Charlotte's Bed

Patience is a Virtue: Charlotte's Bed

Charlotte is a busy woman, and she doesn't have the time for a regular guy in her life. But she does have time once a week or so for you to fulfill her needs, provided you follow her rules and wait for her until it's time to get going. You've been waiting for a few hours, but it's time to help this lusty lady chill out.

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A Taste of Fame: The Promised Ring

You've been a big fan of pornstar Ivy for a long time. But being a fan doesn't mean you ever thought you'd get a chance to talk to her, much less meet up in person. So when she slides into your DMs and then flies you out to meet her, it's no wonder that sparks fly when you meet her!

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Prom Night Pressure

Take it Slow: Prom Night Pressure

You're spending prom night with your girlfriend Bailey and the two of you had agreed that this was the night. Now that it's here you're intent to take it slow and not let your nerves get the best of you. Seems like it just gets Bailey even more riled up and ready to go.

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Dolce Vita

Time for a Show: Dolce Vita

Darcie Dolce has just about everything a girl could want. A great house, awesome career, and the nicest things money can buy. With such a busy life, she isn't able to keep up with a man in her life. Instead, she prefers to whip out some toys and put a show on for her webcam. So sit back, and feast your eyes on everything she has to show off!

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Rainy Daze

Wet and Wild: Rainy Daze

Your weekend beach getaway might have gotten rained out, but that doesn't mean that the trip is a wash. Nope, your girl, Aiden Ashley has still got some plans for you. And they involve getting wild with her wet as she rides you. So sit back, and enjoy everything she'd got planned!

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Wish you Were Here

A Million Miles Away: Wish you Were Here

Long distance relationships are never fun, and they take work. Especially when you're trying to keep it in your pants and think only of your girlfriend Michelle Maylene. That's why every Wednesday at exactly 6, she puts on a special act, just for you. So tune in, and remind yourself why you're putting up with a long distance relationship to start with.

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Lane Splitting

Ready and Willing: Lane Splitting

You've known the Lane family for years, and always had a thing for Ashley. An attraction you never thought was mutual. But when she calls you over in the middle of the night, and you arrive to find her wet, horny, and wearing stockings, it's clear that she wants you too!

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Bailey's New Digs

Housewarming: Bailey's New Digs

Up until now being with Bailey hasn't been easy, but now that she's got her own place for the first time, all that has changed. Help her break in the house in sexy style!

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Badoink VR is overflowing with awesome videos but the above videos are a cut above the rest. Instead of spending valuable hours combing through all of the many videos, we pulled the most popular ones into one spot. Each video has it's own strengths, and we can't pick a single favorite. Which is to say, each of these videos will get you in the mood when you're ready to enjoy yourself.