Meet 100ft Robot Golf

When you think of golf video games, you probably don't think about VR or 100ft tall robots. Well, there's a new game out there that thinks this should change. It's fun, and ridiculous in all of the best ways. Animated cut scenes that could have been pulled directly from 1990's anime break up the actual golfing, and even that is narrated by two tongue in cheek announcers.

If you've been looking for a game that is light hearted and fun, with just enough emphasis on skill, 100ft Robot Golf is what you need in your life.

Just as campy as you might hope

100ft Robot Golf has the 90's anime look

In the 90s I watched a lot of anime, and 100ft Robot Golf has an aesthetic that will remind you of that era all over again. Parts of this game feel straight out of Gundam Wing or Macross, though not enough to feel like artwork was overly "borrowed" or anything. It's wonderful, especially when it's paired with the ridiculous sound bytes from characters and the golf announcers themselves. The graphics in 100ft Robot Golf are definitely broken up into two very distinct sections though.

You have the animated cutscenes, and avatar pop ups when a character is talking. Those are where you'll find the sweet, sweet animations that may have you remembering your favorite Gundam anime. That's what it did to me anyway. Everything you hear has been dubbed, so it doesn't also quite line up. It just adds to the ridiculous over the top premise of playing golf in a gigantic robot.

When you're actually playing Robot Golf you're treated to a very different sight. You'll be able to see the terrain around you, which you'll need to keep an eye on in order to get the best shot. Each location is a bit different and you'll see buildings that can be smashed through to clear your way, and pitfalls like molten lava which can make things a bit more difficult. Things are fairly simplistic but it plays into the campy feel of the game in the best possible way.

The game of Robot Kings

Playing golf in the middle of the city

100ft Robot Golf is a fun and campy golf game that is spiced up with a ridiculous solo campaign, great soundbytes from the pair of guys announcing the match, and the ability to play with friends. It brings everything together for a game that kept me coming back for another round over and over again.

When you first get started, you have the option to jump into quickplay, start the solo campaign, or find other online players to compete against. I've played a lot of golfing games over the years so I started out with quickplay, and no other players to worry about. The controls were easy to figure out, although it's definitely worth noting that different mechs work in different ways and some are more difficult to manage than others. By the end of three holes I'd figured out what was going on, and where I was supposed to be driving the ball.

When you first start up a fresh hole, you'll need to head up to the golf ball and aim where you want to drive it. Next you'll hit buttons to determine it's power, and depending on the mech, whether it curves while in the air. There are tons of pitfalls of different kinds. If you're under the water, you'll see lava pools. At times you might be golfing across mountains, and around lakes.

Putting opens up extra options

However some of the pitfalls that might be an issue in a normal round of golf won't be a problem for you. You can easily smash through buildings, whether that means a skyscraper or a biodome. You can do this by whacking through them with your golf club. Depending on where you need to aim your ball, this is often a viable option to clear the path so that there isn't anything lying in your way.

Not every mech is the same, as you might imagine. That applies both in terms of the way they look, as well as the way that they operate. Some of them have a slight learning curve, but the controls are always displayed on the screen, and it's fairly easy to figure out how everything works. Just give it a few minutes, and try not to get frustrated when moving from one mech to the next.

You have the option to customize a mech

As you play more you'll start to identify which mechs are which. If you play in the online multiplayer, then you'll get to see fully customized mechs. That's because from the main menu, you have the option to customize a mech to look the way you want it to. It's a lot of fun and can result in some awesome looking avatars for players.

Once you get used to everything, the game is pretty simple. That's actually part of it's charm. Everything plays together in a campy glorious manner that is just a ton of fun. Especially if you are playing with friends and start trying to sabotage them by knocking buildings into their way so that they hit over par.

You blow up the moon one time

Meet the villain

Where 100ft Robot Golf really shines though, is in the solo campaign. This is where you get the story behind some of the characters of the game. All of the cutscenes that play out the story in the campaign in between rounds of golf. It's hilarious and absolutely ridiculous from the first few minutes, before you even jump into the actual gameplay. It's also super reminiscent of 1990's anime, in a way that makes things come together even more.

Apparently things went sour in the grand world of 100ft Robot Golf years ago when, after an unfortunate incident, the moon got blown up. Now however, is the perfect time for a reunion tour to continue the carnage. At least that's the way it seems. You'll have to go out and recruit old players to return for a reunion show.

It's campy and glorious, and I won't give away more than that. I'll just say that the first time I played, I didn't stop for over an hour. The story is over the top and ridiculous is the best possible way, and it adds to the overall feel of the game.


100ft Robot Golf solo campaign

100ft Robot Golf is a game that gives you exactly what the title says. Ridiculously gigantic robots playing golf, in an equally campy and ridiculous world. It's easy to jump into whether you've only got 20 minutes, or you can settle in for an extended session. For just $20 you really can say you are getting your money's worth.


  • Gameplay is easy to pick up
  • Fun and campy
  • Multiple modes of gameplay to keep you occupied


  • You can't back out when in the middle of levels
  • Game can be too easy at times

3.5 out of 5

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