Now that you have your VR setup, decked out, and you've got your virtual space set up, it's time to look at some accessories to really enhance your game play. Depending on what headset you might have or what you're looking for in your accessory, we have some of the best here for you.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear 360 VR camera

With this VR camera, you can create your own VR videos and watch them with your headset! The 360 VR camera is a water-resistant and dust-resistant camera with 3840x1920 resolution. Pair it up with your Samsung phone or use an SD Card to add them to your PC so you can edit the videos and watch them with your Gear VR!

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Replacement Face Pad

When you're playing with your Gear VR, you will more than likely get your face pad sweaty and rather gross. Replacement face pads are definitely necessary for when they start to get quite gross. These pads are machine washable, so just taking it off and throwing it in the wash make it quick and easy to clean.

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USB-C Gear VR Adapter

If you have the new Gear VR, you may have lost the adapter that came with the headset. You purchase another USB-C to micro USB adapter in order to plug your headset into your phone. You can always purchase one just to be on the safe side, because it never hurts to have extra adapters!

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Google Daydream

Hard EVA Case

The Daydream headset does come with a soft case already, but a hard case is great especially if you travel with your headset. When you're not using your headset, make sure you place it in the snug case to keep it safe.

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Pixel Buds

You gave a Google Daydream, why not add some more Google with the Pixel Buds? Maybe you have a Google Pixel, so you can go full fanboy with these earbuds. Since these buds are wireless, they're great for playing VR with as limited wires as possible.

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PlayStation VR

Thrustmaster VG T300RS racing wheel

Although there aren't many VR racing games, this racing wheel will take you back to the Need for Speed days. For those racing games, this is a great way to get completely emerged in the game.

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All-in-one stand

This stand is a great way to store all of your VR items in one area. This stand holds your headset, both motion controllers, and a dual controller. It's a great way to make sure all of your VR items together, and it also acts as a charger for your controllers.

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BD&A Travel Case

If you're looking for a good case to travel with your VR, BD&A is the perfect one for you. With the fragile lenses and display, it's important to keep your headset protected in a hard case. If you plan on traveling with your VR headset, this is one of the best cases for your headset.

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HTC Vive

Hyperkin silicone skins

Silicone skins are great for the Vive controllers, they give you more of a grip on the controllers themselves. These will also help protect the controllers from any bumps or scratches they may get from daily play.

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HTC Vive Face Cushion Replacement 2 Pack

Similar to the Gear VR, your face cushions on the Vive will get just as sweaty. Although it ships with two replacement cushions, getting more is always a good idea, especially if others are using the Vive. The ones sold on Amazon, however, are a better quality and should last a bit longer than the ones HTC sends with the Vive.

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Hyperkin Polygon Protector Bag

This bag is a great way to travel with your Vive, as it protects and carries all the necessary items. It comes with foam inserts to protect all your items and give you the freedom of what to carry in the bag. This is a great travel companion for your Vive, and it even comes with a shoulder strap!

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Oculus Rift

Oculus Touch

Before Oculus Touch, the headset used to come with a controller and a small clicking remote. Now, Oculus has reimagined the Rift game play, making it more realistic. The tracking for the Touch is great, and has made game play much more enjoyable.

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Oculus Rift earphones

Although the Oculus comes with earphones, they're not the best for blocking out sounds. If you're looking to replace them, these earbuds are a great idea and easy to replace. The installation is a quick three minute process, and they make for a cord free experience without bulky over-the-ear headphones.

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Jaws Quick Spit anti-fog spray

A quick way to ruin your immersion into the VR universe has to be a fogged over display, which happens easily with most headsets. If you want to keep your view clear, make sure to get an anti-fog spray so you can see clearly every step of the way.

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Windows Mixed Reality

Navitech Heavy Duty Hard Case

If you're planning to travel with your Windows Mixed Reality, this case is perfect to carry all that you need for VR. It's got a compartment for the headset itself, as well as a pocket for the controllers. It's a hard case so it'll keep your headset and controllers safe from any damage.

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