HTC Vive

When we met with HTC's President of VR Content, Joel Breton, he told us the company was very pleased with the response from consumers. And if you are interested in getting your hands on the HTC Vive, you no longer have to wait for preorders, either. HTC can now ship orders globally within three days of purchase. Breton had more to say, so check out our interview from E3 2016!

Worried about not having enough VR content yet? Breton says there are currently more than 240 VR offerings available on Steam, so Vive owners have a wide selection of virtual reality content to choose from.

"From a development standpoint, there are still plenty of challenges to solve in terms of how to create richer and deeper content," says Breton. They're working with developers on continuing to improve performance, graphics and fidelity.

Fitness is the topic that got Joel Breton excited the most during our interview. With some of the VR content available, you're moving around the room and getting exercise while having fun. "There's a few games that I've burned several hundred calories with!" claimed Breton.

Joel Breton

Being a smartphone and virtual reality company, Breton says they are looking at lots of ways to improve the integration between the two technologies. There's nothing new to announce, however.

Do you have any ideas on ways to improve the experience inside of VR with the use of your phone? Share your thoughts in the comments!