Acer and Starbreeze announced during IFA that StarVR virtual reality headsets are being shipped to IMAX in preparation of the new IMAX VR Center, set to open in Los Angeles later this year. Virtual Reality is the next big thing for various companies, Sony now included, and thus it makes sense for Acer to not only focus on personal computers but also another reality. Teaming up with IMAX is a solid move for Acer and Starbreeze to get their headset into the field.


Jason Chen, President and CEO at Acer, commented on the announcement at IFA:

"With this shipment to as important a player in the entertainment industry as IMAX, we are absolutely thrilled that we are well on our way in bringing the virtual reality experience to the next level and to the world. The realization of the most premium VR experience ever offered isn`t just our dream, but one of an entire ecosystem that encompasses hardware makers, videogame developers, theater companies, filmmakers and many others."

It's an exciting time for movie buffs with the arrival of VR. While 3D is considered by many to be nothing more than a gimmick on the big screen, throwing in a VR headset could make things a little more interesting for the audience. The StarVR not only has a high resolution, but also a wider field of view (210 degrees) than what's traditionally found on VR headsets (around 120 degrees). The plan is to bring VR to 1,100 theatres in 72 countries.