Oculus has announced that all pre-orders for the Rift have shipped to customers. The company apologized for delays in shipment, thanking customers for their patience. New orders from the Oculus website should now ship in two to four business days.

All Oculus Rift pre-orders have shipped to customers

The company also says that it is increasing its inventory for its retail partners, both online and in stores. From Oculus:

We've also started to ramp up inventory for retail partners online and in stores, and added more Rift demos at new retail locations across the US. Starting this month, you'll be able to get your hands on Rift at select Microsoft Stores. In addition, our demo space will expand at Best Buy to more than 500 US stores now through the fall.

Oculus says that it's still on track to launch its Touch controller for the Rift later this year. The company plans to say more about the controller at this year's Connect 3 conference, which will take place October 5-7.

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