All the VR games announced at Oculus Connect 4

Oculus Connect 4 is happening right now in San Jose, and at the keynote speech, we were treated to a look at a bunch of new games coming soon. If you missed the speech, we've rounded them up right here.

Echo Combat

With the success of Lone Echo and its competitive multiplayer counterpart, Echo Arena, it's no surprise that developer Ready at Dawn is continuing with VR.

Coming 2018, Echo Combat will continue with the zero-gravity trend, this time offering up a competitive first-person shooter. If it's anything like the first two titles, expect a treat.

Also teased during the keynote is a single-player expansion to Lone Echo, continuing the story of Jack and Olivia.

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Coco VR

Disney Pixar is jumping into the VR arena with Coco VR, designed as a way for fans to enter and explore the world of Coco from the upcoming movie. The game releases on Rift November 15 and Gear VR November 22, which coincides with the film's release.

Marvel: Powers United VR

From Marvel comes a new game that features some of your favorites characters from the comic-book universe. Set in first-person view, smash enemies with your fists, get trigger happy with Rocket Raccoon, and sling a hammer with Thor himself. No word yet on a release date.

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Face Your Fears: Stranger Things

Face Your Fears: Stranger Things

Face Your Fears is all about, well, facing your fears, and it's helped many people cope with their phobias. The smash TV show from Netflix, Stranger Things, might have brought on a few new phobias, but good news! The two are teaming up to create an experience that fans of the game and the TV show will enjoy.

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

Blade Runner 2049: Memory Lab

Teased at OC4 is a new Blade Runner 2049 experience, which may or may not build off of the already-released Blade Runner 2049: Replicant Pursuit. We'll have to wait for more details, but the quick tease and name makes us think that this is going to be one trippy ride into the data banks of a replicant.

The Unspoken: Acolytes

The Unspoken, the smash hit that brings multiplayer wizard duels to VR, is getting a single-player expansion, titled Acolytes. This expansion will give some info to the player about the world, and is a great way for beginners to practice before heading into PVP. This game is coming to Rift later this year.

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