Apple has been granted a new augmented reality-related patent for a transparent display. The patent is for a display with a high field of view, and is actually an update of an earlier patent filing from 2006.

Apple AR

Here is one of Apple's claims in the patent, as found by Patently Apple (via Road to VR):

"A computer program product, stored on a non-transitory machine-readable medium, for projecting a source image in a head-mounted display apparatus, the head-mounted display apparatus having a display operable to project a display image viewable by a user and a peripheral light element positioned to emit light of one or more colors in close proximity to the periphery of the display, the computer program product comprising instructions operable to cause a processor to: receive data representing a source image; generate, based on the data representing the source image, a display image; generate, based at least in part on the data representing the source image, a set of peripheral conditioning signals to control the peripheral light element; display the display image on the display; and use the set of peripheral conditioning signals to control colors emitted from peripheral light element."

It's important to remember that the existence of a patent does not mean that Apple is creating such a product. Large companies routinely patent a wide variety of potential devices and applications. Still, there has been a good deal of noise around Apple and AR and VR in recent months, and the company could very well be working on such a product.

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