Ultimate-er frisbee

Get a head start in Echo Arena with these tips and tricks

Behind the scenes

Designing a game for virtual reality is kind of like writing a movie

There's no one to kick your seat

All you need to know about watching movies in VR

Easier to find

Every Daydream app you can install right now

Buyer's guide

Your Rift experience is about to get a lot better with these accessories

Cast your VR adventures

How to Chromecast your Gear VR

Pew! Pew!

Grab some funs and have some gun with these VR shooters!

Get a virtual move on

The HTC Vive is a life-changing product for people with mobility issues

Network Ninja

How to Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues for Star Trek: Bridge Crew on PSVR

Solve the puzzle and earn a dance party

GNOG is a cute, fun puzzler available now on PlayStation VR

Watching jaws drop

Showing off your HTC Vive? Here's how to give a great demo!

Set aside some funds

Need some new Rift games? These titles are launching this month

Fix all your problems

Google Daydream Troubleshooting guide

Rift is better with Touch

Make the most of your Touch controllers with these awesome games

What you need to have fun

These are the best games for Daydream!

Buyer's guide

These affordable VR headsets don't cost more than $50

Look Ma new hands!

Everything you need to know about Valve's 'Knuckles' controllers

Watch where you want

How to watch movies on your HTC Vive

Fire up the world

Here's what you need to get started with Windows Mixed Reality

Also fun for adults

These HTC Vive games are safe for your kids to play

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Dealing with Daydream Controller issues

Google's Daydream View controller adds a lot to the Daydream VR experience, but if it misbehaves you're going to need to do some quick troubleshooting.

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Everything you need to get started with Windows Mixed Reality

It'll be a while before headsets are shipping, but now is the perfect time to make sure you have everything you need to be ready for the launch of Windows Mixed Reality.

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Every Voice Command you can use in Star Trek: Bridge Crew

A good Captain has an authoritative voice and knows how to keep cool in an intense situation. It also helps to have a list of commands that your AI crew members will follow no matter what.

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How to manually enable Daydream on phones Google has not approved

Google has a specific list of Android phones they've determined are good enough to run Daydream, but if your phone isn't on the list there may be a way to get around this limitation.

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How to take the best Cardboard Camera photos

Google's Cardboard Camera app gives you a quick way to take VR photos with your phone, but making sure those photos are high enough quality to share often requires a little extra work. Here are some tips for success!

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HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap: Should you buy it?

HTC now offers an alternative to the flexible head strap included with your HTC Vive, but you'll be paying a bit for the upgrade.

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The least painful way to set up HTC Vive Lighthouses!

Those little boxes that came with your HTC Vive are important, and how you set them up can dramatically change your gameplay.

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The Ultimate Guide to Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Star Trek: Bridge Crew is an incredible adventure to be played with three other people, and this is how you get the most out of that experience!

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What was your favorite E3 announcement?

All of the big E3 announcements are out in the open now, and what a lineup! Share which is your favorite with us.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew — Saving the most people on the Kobiyashi Maru

There's an achievement for saving 120 people from the Kobiyashi Maru, and this is how you get it done.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew - How to run the whole bridge on your own

Solo gameplay in Star Trek: Bridge Crew is possible, but it can be a little stressful if not done correctly.

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How to set up local multiplayer in Star Trek: Bridge Crew

If you're going to play Star Trek: Bridge Crew with multiple people in the same room, you're going to want to do a few things to keep from driving everyone else crazy.

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How to install the Deluxe Audio Strap on your HTC Vive

If you're grabbing a Deluxe Audio Strap for your HTC Vive, here's how you install it on your existing headset.

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How to get the perfect fit with the HTC Vive Deluxe Audio Strap

Make sure your HTC Vive fits like a glove now that you've added the Deluxe Audio Strap.

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The HTC Vive you can buy now is very different from the original

HTC has made many small changes to the HTC Vive since launch, and it makes buying a headset now feel very different.

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Intel's WiGig solution for HTC Vive: Questions answered

We sat down with Frank Soqui, Intel’s General Manager of Virtual Reality and Gaming, to learn a little more about WiGig for HTC Vive.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew - Our favorite cheats and tricks

Sometimes you need an upper hand when fighting four Klingon cruisers at the same time. Here are the tricks we've found so far!

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First five things you need to do in Star Trek: Bridge Crew

Heading into Star Trek: Bridge Crew means you're preparing to spend a lot of your day being the best Starfleet officer you can. These tools will help you get there!

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew Review — This right here is why VR exists

The only thing more impressive than the multiplayer experience in this game is the potential for future growth. Star Trek: Bridge Crew is the start of something amazing.

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The great Virtual Reality buyer's guide

There's a lot of things out there with Virtual Reality in the name, and choosing what is right for you isn't easy. Here's a quick guide to help you choose what is best for you.

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