Early access games give players the chance to check out games that aren't quite polished yet, or ready for mass consumption. You may have seen them over on Steam, without realizing there is an entire category of them available for play on your Gear VR. There are over a dozen different games and experiences that you can take a look at, and we've gathered the best of the best. Best of all, each game that we talk about here is available for the low, low price of free.


Your goal is to save the flower Ohana from the bees that are trying to attack her. You'll play a faerie who shoots down those conniving bees with a bubble gun. For now the game is quite short, and if you can protect Ohana for 80 seconds then you'll be able to win. As you shoot down bees, you'll be able gain power ups which will make your bubbles more effective in a variety of ways.

You'll also see Ohana grow larger as you continue to protect her. Shoot down bees be looking towards them, since your bubble gun will fire ammunition automatically. You'll also be able to move around to get a better shot at bees by swiping your touchpad to move Ohana. While this game is super short for now it shows a lot of promise, and is a fun one to try out.

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Dream Flight

If you like gorgeous and fairly simple games, Dream Flight may be right up your alley. You'll fly through stunningly lovely landscapes while collecting pieces of various flying machines. It starts out flying around an island where you'll see whales jumping over you as you collect colored prisms in the sky.

This is not a high intensity game, instead it borders on an experience. You'll steer your flying machine by tilting your head, and use those colored prisms that you collect to unlock more levels and new flying machines.

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Rococo VR

For those who are fans of times gone by — or murder mysteries — check out Rococo VR. You'll have precious little time in order to ferret out who has poisoned the lord of the house, ending his life. Follow clues, learn information about the other patrons at the party, and try to confront your killer before their poison ends your life.

This is a very sweet, short game that has a lot of promise. You'll have to figure out who did the deed with nothing more than a snippet of information. From the serving wench who is masquerading as a lady, to the aspiring female writer who's reputation was destroyed. You don't have much time, but it'll have you replaying the game over and over, until you can solve this murder mystery.

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Free Flight

If you like flying through the world, shooting down the enemies who want to do you harm, Free Flight is probably in your wheel house. You'll have to fly through the world destroying turrets, and dealing with enemies on the hunt. This is a fast paced game with a sharp learning curve and plenty to shoot.

Getting the hang of the game can be pretty pesky. That's because on top of shooting enemies you'll have to dodge and weave to avoid environmental hazards and keep from running into anything that will kill you. You can shoot your guns by rapidly tapping on your touchpad, or shoot homing missiles by swiping down and holding your touchpad. Dodging is controlled by your head movements, and you'll have to dodge all sorts of things.

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There aren't a ton of arcade style games available on early access, but InMind is one of the contenders. You'll travel inside the brain of a patient with Depression in order to destroy neurons that aren't working correctly. These neurons will show up as red as you travel through the brain, and by focusing on them you'll shoot them and turn them green.

The game is super simple, and fairly quick, but definitely has some replay value. That's because it'll take a few tries in order to try and get all of those damaged neurons. Especially because as you get further into the game, damaged neurons will begin to infect healthy ones.

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