After you've gotten home with your shiny new VR headset and gotten it properly set up, you're faced with a very serious question. What kind of games should you download? There are tons of games available for each headset, but finding a game to get started with can seem overwhelming. That's where we come in.

These games are awesome for newcomers to VR, and sure to have you wanting more!

Eve: Gunjack

When many people think of VR, they think of the future. And Eve: Gunjack is definitely in the far future, located on a mining platform. Your mission is pretty simple. You just need to protect your mining platform from the dozens of incoming pirates who want to destroy it.

You get access to all sorts of different weapons and the arcade style levels makes it easy to jump right in and get started. It also means that whether you have ten minutes, or an hour, you can get some playtime in. Once you get through the main missions there are even bonus levels...and of course going back to beat your own scores.

The Brookhaven Experiment

VR is meant to bring you to new places, and let you experience things in a new and immersive way. So, of course, there are going to be terrifying horror games pitting you against monsters in the dark, and that's exactly what the Brookhaven Experiment does.

You start with a handgun that you need to shoot at the zombies shambling at you, and really things only go downhill from there. You'll need to survive waves of enemies that only get nastier as you go along, and try to figure out what caused the earth-shattering event that you are suffering through, as well as whether or not you can stop it.


While playing a leisurely game in VR where nobody can see you is fun when you add in competition things really start to pick up. Sparc aims to be the first real vSport, and you will not only face off against other live players but get a serious workout in the meantime.

Sparc pits you and another player against one another as you hurl balls of energy back and forth. You're able to block enemy projectiles to protect your target from them, but depending on how hard — and at what angle — they chuck their energy balls, things can get a little bit hairy. There are competitive modes, the ability to play in private matches, and even single-player challenge modes for you to hone your skill set. You also create an avatar that moves when you move and can be customized to a degree.


Thumper is a game in a category all its own, described as a rhythm violence game. You control a silver beetle rocketing through space in order to defeat your nemesis, a giant floating head in space.

The game is split up into arcade-style levels which mean you never have to start over from the beginning, and it definitely gets difficult after a while. With a great soundtrack, challenging play mechanics, and gorgeous visuals, there is a lot here to love. Your actions will sync up with the music when you hit them correctly, and it's easy to lose an hour playing and not actually realize it.


In a dark cyberpunk future, you are a hacker who extracts sensitive information by attacking information systems. Darknet is a fun, puzzle-based game that puts you in the shoes of that hacker, and it's a grand time.

Each level has its own difficulty level, payout for succeeding, and time limit. Once you start a level you'll need to hack nodes by solving puzzles, and by using viruses like worms to hack nodes. You'll need to start small and then work your way through the level to get to the core and extract the information that you were hired to grab before time runs out. You'll be paid, and then be able to purchase yourself upgrades that let you work faster, or start with more money. It's ridiculously fun, and addictive for anyone who enjoys a good puzzle game.

Do you have a favorite?

Considering the number of apps that available for VR, it's almost impossible to narrow down where to start. These games will give you a good idea of the types of experiences you can find in VR, but it's certainly not definitive. Is your favorite game on our list? Is there an awesome game you'd recommend for players new to VR? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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