Batman Arkham VR

If there's one PlayStation VR experience that stands out as an attention grabber, it's Batman Arkham VR. A console exclusive for now, Arkham VR gives Batman fans something no other game has been able to before.

You are Batman.

It's a little short and it's not quite the full Dark Knight experience, but it's one of the early PlayStation VR must-buy titles.

Because you're Batman.

Arkham VR comes from Rocksteady, known for other Arkham games on console and PC, but this is unlike a regular Batman release. Not just because it's in VR, but because it's more akin to something that Telltale Games would have produced.

This is a childhood fantasy come to life

Instead of roaming, driving the Batmobile and duking it out with the bad guys, Arkham VR is a story driven experience where you're following clues and investigating a crime that hits close to home. With VR at your disposal you're fully immersed in the environment, and with a tap of the triangle button you can switch viewpoints in a flash.

I won't give the story away, because that's unfair. But Arkham VR starts out at the very beginning as young Bruce witnessing his parents murder. Then you wake up in Wayne Manor, and get to take a brief look around the luxurious home before you head into the Batcave.

Arkham VR

Going down the tube, strapping into the suit and descending into the Batcave is more awesome than you can describe using words. It's a childhood fantasy come to life.

Graphically and aurally Arkham VR hits all the right notes. The streets of Gotham are dark and dangerous and dialog is pretty accurate to the situation. You don't need to use a Move controller, but it is highly recommended as the whole experience is a little lacking without.

If using a DualShock 4 you can hit the down button on the D-Pad to spin through 180-degrees without moving, which is great if you're sitting down especially. You still aim using your head movements, but interactions like putting a key in a lock are a little trickier when manipulating with a controller.

And yes, it is a little short, but it's also not priced like a full game either. Fans will adore it and even those less Bat-crazy will get a kick from it. It's a top experience to kick start the PlayStation VR and get people excited for what it can do.

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