VR delivers tons of great experiences from the comfort of your office chair. Some of the most fun you can have is riding a roller coaster without actually strapping yourself into a contraption meant to hurl you through turns at seventy miles an hour. There are plenty of videos out there that will let you ride a roller coaster in VR, but they definitely are not all made equally. If you want the experience, but not the lines, or the actual feeling of being on a coaster, then there are some great videos that recreate what it feels like.

That's why we've scoured the web to find the best 360 rollercoaster videos on the web and collected them for you here!

Some Tricks and Tips

I figured I would start start this article by giving you some tips, tricks, and warnings for watching rollercoaster videos in VR. Now I am one of those people who is terrified of real life rollercoasters so I was interested to see what the difference would be. Turns out there's a lot of difference. Here's some ideas to up the ante and the immersion level.

  1. Sit on the edge of your seat. Sitting comfortably on a couch does not give the same feeling. Balance on the edge of your seat if you can.
  2. Have a fan blowing at your face to simulate the wind rushing past your head. It will also keep your device, and you, cool
  3. Wearing earphones dramatically increases the immersion and fear factor.

Ok Lets Get Started

Kings Island Ohio

There are things to like and dislike about this video. The sound is exactly how you want the sound to be on a rollercoaster. They haven't diluted the experience with music so it's raw and noisy. The video is just the right amount of bumpy, in the same way that your eyes bounce in your skull when on a coaster. The video is let down however by the lack of true 360 degrees, it was captured on a 360fly camera that doesn't show the bottom half of your video. This kind of thing breaks your immersion, making it far less scary.

Halmark: Cedar Point

I really enjoyed how this video was laid out. At the beginning with the climb, there is a neat overlay, like a HUD from a video game showing you the stats of the ride. Max speed, track layout and highest drop are all available to see at the boring part of the ride, then vanishes when things get crazy. The rest of the ride is fairly standard thought the low music makes it less exciting than it could be. They have added a CG cart to the bottom of your view which helps a fair bit to keep you in the experience.

Mega Coaster: Get Ready for the Drop

Similar to the last video this one from Six Flags has a HUD. Unfortunately, the HUD pops up during the ride completely breaking the immersion I felt before that. Without the pops up this is one of the best rollercoaster videos I have seen. The video is true 360, you can see everything, and there is no music to ruin the experience. The noise of the wind and the people cheering really help to add excitement while the camera shake almost made me feel the juddering as if I were there.

Inverted Roller Coaster Mirage Rosso

This is perhaps the scariest of the VR rollercoasters I found. The nature of an inverted rollercoaster, you hanging instead of in a cart, adds a whole other layer of Wear-your-Brown-Pants-ness that the other coaster videos don't quite have. This is another video with no music which keeps you in the moment and even the opening part with the guys randomly cleaning the hand holds adds to the overall experience of being there. While sitting on the edge of my seat this one made me feel the most like I was there.

Disney's Cars Ride

This is more of a honorable mention than a serious contender. I love the Cars ride at California adventures. It's just the right level of Disney nostalgia mixed with rollercoaster fun. Now while this may not be the best video it does bring back that feeling of enjoyment I get every time I go.

So maybe I put this one in just for me, but maybe it will convince some of you to go to Disneyland and experience it and I think everyone should do that.


There we have it, some of our favorite VR Rollercoaster videos out right now. What about you guys though? Have you seen any that really get your heart racing? Are the any apps you can recommend for rollercoaster watching? let us know in the comments.