When Google first released Cardboard we got our first view of a "360 Story" from Motorola. It featured a cute mouse looking for his hat and was so endearing it spawned a host of other stories. We will take you through some of them today. Here's our top 5.


Help is a 360 action movie about Alien invasion. Although you can tell it was done on a budget it does look very good, with destruction an explosions all over the place. the 360 is done fairly well though there isn't a lot happening anywhere that isn't exactly where they want you to look. This could be intentional to keep you focused on the money shots, but it feels like a waste of the available space not to have some extras shooting at the monster too. You will want to be standing for this one as your view will need to spin around a little to view everything.


This was my favorite of the stories I watched. Maybe having daughters made me more invested but hey, I'm only human. This story revolves around a little girl, her guitar playing dad, and their beat up old car. It's a heart warming music video about children growing up and is so pretty. The art style is a mix of line art and pixel art, both of which I really dig. You can sit down for this one and just enjoy the music, the art, and the actual story with a beginning, middle and end. It's really great.

Rain or Shine

Rain or Shine is a lovely story for the kids in your life. The story follows a little girl who gets a new pair of sunglasses for the summer and the adventures she has with them. The art style is very much in the Peppa Pig cartoon style but with beautiful color and use of the available space. The whole story slowly rotates around a village green in London so you can lazily turn your body to follow the action rather than frantically moving around.

If you have little children in your life let them watch them with the goggles on, they will love it.

Buggy Night

Another one for the kiddies, Buggy Night is the journey of 5 little bugs and the dangers of living in a swamp. This Google Spotlight story is a fun 360 event that will have your kids jumping and spinning trying to catch the bugs in the light. It is one of the shorter stories but as it is made for kids the time is about right.


Ok so this is probably the worst of the stories so far i'll admit. The 360 work on it is pretty terrible and the viewing angles are all off. What makes it compelling is that it's Ducktales and I love Ducktales. You even get to dive into the Money Pit! Come on, thats worth the time to watch it just for that. So much fun.

Where Can I Find More?

While you tube has plenty of "stories" if you search for them, the best place to find them is over at the Google Spotlight Stories YouTube channel. It has some of the best laid out and well produced 3d story content on the Interwebs and is well worth your time to subscribe to.

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So now it's your turn. Show us your favorite stories in the comment section below.