What are the best Rift early access titles in the Oculus app?

Oculus has encouraged developers to create new VR experiences with their Early Access section in the Oculus app. This gives Rift adopters more content to experiment with, and it gives the devs a boost of income and valuable feedback to help shape the final product. Here are the best titles from Oculus Early Access.

Space Pirate Trainer

This awesome shooter — you guessed it — teaches you how to be the deadliest rogue in the universe. The Oculus Touch controllers become duel-wield pistols, and you can also switch out for shields if you're more of a defensive player.

A badass soundtrack and endless waves of killer robots will keep you entertained for hours on end, and you'll get a wicked workout ducking and dodging around your VR play area.

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Magic Table Chess

Magic Table Chess

This free, early access game has all the trappings of a costly, finished game. Sit across from your opponent as you duke it out on the original black and white battlefield. You can choose where you play and which difficulty AI to play against — whether you're a beginner or a hardened veteran, you'll find a suitable challenge.

Multiplayer support is on its way, and you'll also be able to customize chess pieces, boards, and the rooms you play in. For fans of chess, this is a must-have.

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Super Island God

Whether or not you have a God complex already going on, Super Island God is an entertaining game that makes great use of the Oculus Touch controllers. Mold your island as you see fit using your virtual hands, and raise the tribe from humble beginnings to a bustling civilization.

This is a great combination of real-time strategy, puzzle, and art games that can even take advantage of room-scale movement to get around your island.

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Bigscreen Beta

As far as using your desktop in VR, Bigscreen is one of the leading apps even though it's still in Early Access.

Invite or join your friends in a bunch of different settings, play multiplayer games next to each other, watch 2D and 3D movies on theater-sized screens, and even have meetings with clear voice chat. If you're thinking about ditching your classic monitor for VR, try out this free VR app first.

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If building ultra-complicated anti-gravity puzzles with your hands in a large lab sounds like fun, don't wait another second to pick up Grav|Lab. Walk around your creation thanks to room-scale support, place items where you'd like them thanks to the Oculus Touch controllers, and share your creations with friends and other Grav|Lab players.

Because of the ability to share puzzles, you have a nearly endless supply of game to get through even after you've finished the stock puzzles.

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Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Serious Sam has been around for a long time, but never have you been able to actually be Sam himself until now. These missions revolve around Sam's time as the Saratoga's captain, and they are as over the top as you expect from these games.

Tons of weapons, tons of enemies, enormous bosses, and all the blood and guts you can stand make this one of the best Touch-enabled shooters so far for Rift. Look out for co-op mode arriving soon.

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Titans of Space 2.0

Titans of Space is back in a 2.0 form, and it now has Touch support. Zip around our solar system and beyond in your small, insignificant ship and learn about the planets, moons, and stars that make up our universe.

This is as much an education as is it a relaxing, pleasant trip through places forever out of reach.

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Daydream Blue

What exactly is Daydream Blue? Well...that's hard to say. You're camped out at the edge of a lake, your robot friend hovering around near you. Crafting survival tools is required to make it, but there's always a bit of relaxation at the top of the hill — did I mention you can play golf on mountaintops?

It seems like the devs are doing their best to make Daydream Blue your own, albeit after ingesting a hallucinogen. We can't wait to see what the end-product of this weird, charming game looks like.

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At first glance, Subnautica seems like yet another diving experience made for VR. It is actually so much more. Crafting? Yep — even huge submarines. Guns? Of the laser variety. Underwater bases? Fully customizable. A real challenge? How about alien species, leaking hulls, and active underwater volcanoes?

Subnautica is as beautiful as it is intense. For anyone who doesn't mind a VR action game with a lot of movement, this should be right up your alley.

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