When it comes to editing your 360-degree videos, you don't have to look too far to come across two excellent options. Veer VR Editor, and V360. Both of them are available as apps on your phone, both deliver options for music, text, and trimming, but how do they stack up against each other? We break these apps down piece by piece to give you all the details you need to make an informed decision.

Let's see which one is best.

The basics

Veer VR Editor, and V360 both have the same essential set of basics. They are both free apps that allow you to open and edit local 360-degree videos on your phone. While they have many similar features, the way that they implement them tends to differ quite a bit.

Both apps open 360 videos that are saved on your phone. V360 brings them up in its own gallery, while Veer VR Editor requires you to dig through your photos and videos to find it. This is because Veer has added the ability to edit photos as well as videos. From there both apps let you edit your videos and then save those edits. You're then able to share them through social media, or direct messages with friends.

Feature breakdown

When it comes to the features that each 360 editor offers, is where things go sideways. Veer VR editor blows V360 out of the water. It gives you access to more ways you can customize and personalize your videos, instead of just the basic editing tools.

With V360 you get the essentials to edit a video for sharing. You can add text, adjust the focus so that when folks see your video their eyes are on the action, and add music. That's really all that you can do though, and while these features are great for getting the job done, they just don't match up to the competition.

VeeR VR Editor gives you a ton of versatility so that not every upload looks the same.

Veer VR Editor gives you everything that you need to edit your videos and a few features that you definitely want. You can splice multiple video clips together, trim videos, add music, adjust the lighting, add filters, take advantage of animated emojis, and add text. That's a lot, and it gives you a ton of versatility so that not every video you upload looks the same. The emoji bank is full of great ways to add some flair to videos and is updated regularly with season additions.

All of VeeR's emojis can also be adjusted in size. This means that you can put a sun up in the corner of a video at the beach, or place silly glasses over your friend's face at an opportune moment. With text, you can also adjust the color and size, and with all of these features when they appear — or disappear — is entirely up to you. VeeR VR Editor also gives you the ability to edit photos, and while the feature is still in beta and has a few kinks to sort out, it's an awesome addition to an already stellar app.

User experience

While features are awesome to take advantage of, if the app isn't particularly user-friendly then you're going to have a bad time. Both VeeR VR Editor and V360 have a user experience that takes a little bit of getting used to. This is because you're not given much of a tutorial as to how everything works. Overall though, VeeR VR Editor definitely pulls ahead by making things simple and easy to understand.

V360 Screenshots

V360 throws a ton of icons at you as soon as you open the editor, and they fill both the bottom of the screen and the top corners. However, it isn't entirely clear which icons do what, which can be confusing when you're trying to quickly edit a video before sharing it. Likewise trying to use different features takes some trial and error and can be frustrating rather than easy to use. While you can change the color of text for videos, it shows up before the video, instead of allowing you to display them during the video itself.

VeeR VR Editor

VeeR VR Editor also throws a lot at you, but they break it down under easy to understand icons that contain the editing features you want to rake advantage of. Everything is contained, and once you tap on a section you're given all of your options along the bottom of the screen. This means that even folks who have never edited a video before will be able to produce awesome results. It's also easier to see how to share your videos, with a labeled icon in the upper right corner no matter which screen you are on.

Who wins?

VeeR VR Editor manages to pull ahead and win this head to head competition of the 360 video editors. It's emphasis on an intuitive user experience, and the number of excellently implemented features make it our winner by a good margin. This isn't to say that V360 is a bad editor, it just doesn't come out on top when pitted head to head against VeeR VR Editor.

VeeR manages to deliver the features that you need in an editing app, like trimming, adding text or adding music and then goes a step further. The filters are fantastic, and allowing users to adjust tint and exposure levels just lets those who enjoy fine tuning every aspect of a video, do their thing. The animates emoji are a fun addition as well, letting you truly put a personal spin on the types of things that you are sharing.

Download: VeeR VR Editor

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