When it comes to finding great games for Gear VR, the Oculus Store delivers tons of great content across the genres. Whether you're low on cash at the moment and looking for a fun new game, or you're new to VR and trying to ease your toes into the water, it's a breeze to find fun new games available for free. There's actually an entire category dedicated to free games and apps, and we've gone through it to find the gems you should be checking out!

A Night Sky

When you start out, you're sitting next to a crackling fire underneath a blanket of stars. Using a Gear VR controller, you'll be able to connect the stars in various constellations. As you do so, those constellations will come to life in the sky around you. It's fun, it's whimsical, and it's a great easy game for anyone who is new to Gear VR.

The game takes advantage of the Gear VR controller's point and click capabilities, which are easy to use even if you're not used to being in VR. Those constellations that come to life? They're fantastic and fun to look at, and range from birds that fly around to a pirate ship gliding through the clouds.

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Face Your Fears

One of the most fun ways to spook your friends in VR is with a scary game. Face Your Fears is a game set up of different environments with who knows what hiding in the shadows. Each environment is a bit different, and there is always something lurking in the darkness. From gigantic robots wreaking havoc, to snakes in the darkness, to a poltergeist hiding in a closet, each level offers something a little bit different.

This game is pretty simple, asking you to look around and experience each environment and the things going on in it. Technically it might not be a game, but we're fond of scaring our friends; Face Your fears is a fun way to do just that.

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It's time for some starship battles, but not the kind where you're firing from the cockpit. Skylight has you directing battles on a much larger scale. You'll be in charge of directing battles with different ship-types against an enemy, from small squads of fighters to the lumbering capital ships. This is a turn-based game making each move matter, and it really makes you think before you order your ships into the fray.

While you do get access to eight different ship types and ten campaign missions, this isn't the full game. You can purchase the full edition for $4.99; this gets you an additional 20 campaign missions and 4 more ship-types to battle with. There is also a multiplayer mode available, letting you battle against rival players, making this a great game for sci-fi fans.

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Temple Run VR

You might remember Temple Run as a mobile game that had you running from a beast biting at your heels. This is an update of that game built to be played in VR. This time you're being chased through a snowy world inhabited by vicious yetis who are really not amused at your presence. You'll have to choose between paths as you flee and hope that you don't meet an untimely end.

Using the touchpad on your Gear VR, you'll have to jump, dodge, and roll to get past both the arctic monkeys and the occasional pitfall. This game can definitely be a bit intense as you move quite quickly, but it is just as addictive as it's mobile counterpart.

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When it comes to horror games in VR, Sisters was one of the first on the scene, and it's still supremely creepy. It's a very simple game and one that is based more on looking around you than interacting with anything. This is definitely a game best suited for use with headphones; whether that's a good thing or not is up to you.

We'd suggest playing in a swivel chair so that it's easy to look around you and see everything that is going on. Be warned though, there is something in that room with you, and it isn't your biggest fan.

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Do you have a favorite?

There are dozens of different free games available on Gear VR from the Oculus Store. Finding the right game for you can be difficult. Have you found a great Oculus game for free that we should know about? Is your favorite on our list? Be sure to drop us a comment and let us know about it below!!

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