Best free Oculus Touch games you should be playing

The Oculus Rift was already one of the premiere VR systems available, and now that Touch controllers have arrived, it has jumped to an entirely new level. These controllers offer full motion tracking, and have sensors built in to detect your fingers — you can point, give a thumbs-up, and make a fist just by using the natural movement of your hand.

To make the Touch controllers that much better, there are a number of free games and experiences available for anyone who has the controllers activated on their Oculus account. Here are the best free Touch titles you should add to your library.

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Echo Arena

The free sibling to Lone Echo, Echo Arena is a multiplayer experience set in a zero-gravity room full of obstacles where you have to toss a disk into the opposing team's net. Sounds easy, right? It's not. What it is, however, is intensely competitive.

We've seen two open betas so far, and they've both been almost unbelievably addictive and exciting. This is clearly the future of VR eSports, and we can't wait until the full version releases July 20, 2017.

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Robo Recall

For any shooter fans out there, Robo Recall is the first free Touch title you should download. You're a recall agent sent out into your city to disable as many rogue robots as possible using your pistols, shotguns, rifles, and bare hands.

This AAA title features top-notch graphics, an exhilarating soundtrack, and frenetic gameplay that will keep you coming back for more. Toss is full mod support, and you have the foundation for a VR game that will continue to deliver for as long as the Rift is around.

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Rec Room

When you first step into Rec Room, you find yourself in a dormitory full of toys and a wardrobe. Once you've picked out your hairstyle, skin color, and clothes, you can head out into the main lobby where a bunch of other real players are conversing. Here you can make some friends, get some advice and tips, and finally head into one of the activities available, including disc golf, paintball, dodgeball, charades, and more.

The community is friendly and VR-savvy, and anyone you come across trying to ruin the experience can be swiftly reported. If it's a casual, social experience you're looking for, definitely give Rec Room a try.

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Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried is the free Touch game all fans of spaghetti westerns will love. Set in the Wild West, you and a couple partners — matchmaking is easy — must use your six-shooters, dynamite, and whatever else is lying around to fend off waves of enemies.

Between rounds, you can use your accrued points to upgrade weapons or rebuild the cover that's been knocked down by enemies. Even though Dead and Buried is completely free, it has enough content that you'll feel like you stole it. Tarnation!

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Altspace VR

Many people have invested in VR not for games, but for the social experimentation that is unfolding before our eyes. At the forefront of making friends in a new, virtual world is Altspace VR.

There's always something going on in this experience, whether it's a live show hosted by one of your favorite poets or authors, a podcast discussing an interesting topic, or a meeting of like-minded people who wouldn't otherwise be able to meet up. Anyone can create a room for others to join, and within there are plenty of minigames and activities to enjoy.

Now, with Oculus Touch, you can really get into the conversation — it's amazing how much your hands can add when expressing your point.

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Virtual reality is proving to be an incredible outlet for the artistically talented people out there, and Oculus Medium is another title in a growing collection of apps that cater to these individuals. Instead of just being able to paint a 3D picture, you can use a wide set of tools to sculpt creations out of thin air.

The Touch controllers allow for natural hand movements, making it easy to get things exactly right, just as if you were modeling a block of clay in real life. When you've finished your model, you can export it for 3D printing or for use in a game engine. Whether you're a casual artist or an experienced professional, Medium offers something you'll love.

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While Medium is more geared for sculpting creations out of thin air, Quill is designed for creating illustrations on an infinite canvas. It was originally used to create a short film called Dear Angelica, and now it's available for any aspiring artists out there.

Your canvas can be scaled up and down as much as you want, so you can create an incredibly detailed drawing before shrinking it down and creating something larger around it. The tools available are easy to use thanks to the Touch controllers — pros and casual artists alike will be able to put their imagination onto a canvas with Quill.

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Nanite Fulcrum: issue one

First there were novels, then there were graphics novels, and now there are interactive graphic novels. As you page through this interesting story, you'll be increasingly sucked in to the point where you're using your Touch controllers to find secrets on the pages, to defend yourself against attacks, and to go on the offensive to save the protagonist.

For any fans of graphic novels, or even if you just want to check out some amazing interactive art, this is the experience for you.

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Your favorites

Have you been enjoying Oculus Touch or any of these free titles? Let us know which one is your favorite.

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Updated July 15, 2017: We've refreshed this list with a new game, Echo Arena, to ensure you're still getting the absolute best free Touch games for Oculus Rift.

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