Even with the HTC Vive's advanced motion controls, sometimes you just can't beat a traditional controller. A range of seated games is now available in VR, adding a new layer of immersion to your everyday gaming experiences. These are our top five games for the HTC Vive that use a gamepad.

Need a gamepad? Use your Xbox One and PS4 controllers in VR!


Thumper is a rhythmic racer for the HTC Vive, taking advantage of total player immersion to deliver an intuitive adrenaline-fueled experience. After assuming control of a sleek space beetle, players speed through Thumper's slick track, blasting through the obstacles and enemies that stand in their way.

Using exclusively one analog stick and a single button, Thumper's simplicity is a major part of its appeal. Being immersed in such an inherently entrancing world, players will feel the motion and tension of the events that occur. Packed with fast-paced action, daunting boss battles and a harmonious soundtrack, Thumper is the place to go for a memorable gamepad experience with the HTC Vive.

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Eagle Flight

Eagle Flight is a seated multiplayer experience for the HTC Vive, designed exclusively for virtual reality headsets. Being one of the first HTC Vive titles to come from world-famous publisher, Ubisoft, the game offers a wide range of highly polished content from the skies of Paris.

Stepping into the shoes of a winged bird of prey, Eagle Flight provides high-speed dogfights through an urban skybox. Using the city's intertwined streets and monuments, players will complete a range of objectives, with the help of some online feathered friends. Eagle Flight's dynamic gameplay is perfectly suited for the HTC Vive, setting a high bar for the company's future projects.

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Space is an extremely lonely place and when things inevitably go wrong, survival can seem next to impossible. Like some of this decade's biggest sci-fi hits, ADR1FT plays on this concept, leaving the player stranded among the ruins of a destroyed space station. With no recollection of previous events and a wide range of hazards, players must drag themselves through the debris, in hope of cheating death.

ADR1FT's gameplay is rather unique, with a range of mechanics based on the perils of space. While both zero-gravity and environmental hazards are obstacles to consider, maintaining your oxygen supply is a much more daunting concern to track throughout your journey. However, with complete control from your gamepad in zero-gravity situations, this game shouldn't be played by those prone to motion sickness.

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Elite Dangerous

Elite Dangerous is a more realistic starship experience, with complex controls and a deep world to consider. As an extension to the traditional desktop experience, Elite Dangerous' best moments can also be explored with the help of a traditional controller and VR headset.

Throwing players inside the cockpit of the galaxy's most advanced spacecraft, Elite Dangerous provides the opportunity explore an expansive but equally hostile universe. Shifting cargo between systems, completing jobs to earn credits, you'll continue to work your way through the ranks, becoming one of Elite's indispensable pilots.

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House of the Dying Sun

If you're wanting to get yourself in some heart-racing dogfights without the complexities of Elite Dangerous, House of the Dying Sun offers a more simplified, combat-driven experience. With elements of both shooter and real-time strategy gameplay, players can order their fleet into battle, while getting their hands dirty behind a cockpit.

With various open, but self-contained sandboxes, each of the game's encounters feels equally as tense. Various upgrade and difficulty options also available, levels can all be replayed multiple times, without the fatigue sensed in other VR titles. House of the Dying Sun is a must-buy for any shooter fans, offering some of the best seated gameplay available today.

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Do you have any recommendations for gamepad-enabled VR titles? Make sure to let us know in the comments section!

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