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The Rift on its own is a premiere VR experience, but now that Oculus Touch has arrived, we've entered a new era with an entirely new outlook on games. You have hands, so you'd better use them. To help you get the most out of your Oculus Touch controllers, here are the best games you should be playing.

Wilson's Heart

Have you ever woken up, alone, inside of a hospital set in the '40s? Not only is the hospital different than you remember, your own heart has also been replaced with something that shouldn't be there.

Wilson's Heart (about $40) is all about traversing the sprawling, weird hospital, making contact with deranged patients, and figuring out just what happened to your real heart. If you love horror and a good story, check this one out.

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Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality

If you've never seen the TV show Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality (about $30) is based on, you're doing yourself a disservice. It's wildly popular, as weird as they come, and this VR game is no different.

Join Grandpa Rick on his adventures through portals, in his garage workshop, and around your house. There are tons of puzzles and collectibles to keep you busy, and you'll have a hard time not laughing the entire time you play.

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Job Simulator

Job Simulator (about $30) is one of the best games to use to introduce people to VR thanks to its intuitive controls and silly gameplay, but there are also a lot of layers that will keep experienced gamers coming back again and again.

Play as an office drone, try your hand as a mechanic, sell snacks as a corner store clerk, or see if you get some food out the kitchen unburnt as a short-order cook. Tongue-in-cheek humor and a ton of color bring this all together in a very appealing package.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew

One of the most anticipated VR games so far, Star Trek: Bridge Crew (about $50) is the real deal for any die-hard Trekkies, as well as anyone who yearns for a polished, complete VR experience.

You and three friends can get together and take control of the bridge of the U.S.S. Aegis — success will only come to teams who communicate well and work together. There are procedurally generated missions to keep you busy forever once the storyline is finished, and when real friends aren't around, you can play with computer-controlled mates.

For more information, check out Managing Editor Russell Holly's glowing review.

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Arizona Sunshine

A desolate desert landscape, detailed artwork, polished gunplay, and zombies. This is Arizona Sunshine, a full-fledged Touch game for about $40. Unlike plenty of other VR first-person shooters involving zombies, this is no wave shooter — this is a full-fledged campaign that lets you explore, scavenge, and experience a narrated story. Once the story is over, there is a horde mode for replayability purposes.

You get around using a teleportation function, but you can also use the Touch controllers' thumbsticks for more natural movement. You'd think the Arizona landscape would be a bit bland, but there are enough nooks and crannies full of loot to keep you entertained. The best way to describe this detailed world is full.

If it's a zombie shooter you're looking for but want a story to go along with it, Arizona Sunshine is one of the best titles you can grab.

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First-person shooters translate well to VR thanks to the Touch motion controllers, so that means the market is a bit saturated. It takes a solid premise to set a game apart, which is exactly what SUPERHOT VR (about $25) has. The world is white, your weapons are steel, and the enemies are red. If it seems at first glance like you're a bit outnumbered, you're not wrong. You have time on your side to balance things out — no one moves unless you do, meaning you can plan out your attacks as long as you want before putting them into action.

Imagine there are four bad guys in the room with you — you can punch the first one, shoot the next two, then a bounce an ashtray off the last one. If you imagined something out of action movie, you're on the right track. For a first-person shooter that is different from the rest, have a look at SUPERHOT VR.

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The Climb

The Climb (about $50) has been around since the early days of the Rift CV1, and it now supports Oculus Touch controllers. Not only that, it also recently received an Arctic Circle update with a new landscape and a bunch of new challenges.

You might have already guessed, but the challenge here is to climb, climb, climb. This game has some truly breathtaking graphics that will make you feel like you're actually hundreds of feet above the ground. This is a free climb, so expect to take a terrifying tumble if you mess up.

This game has an "Intense" comfort rating, but those of you who can handle it will find it hard to get the same rush from other VR games.

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The Unspoken

Think dueling with guns is fun? Have you tried spellcasting yet? Take to city streets as you battle it out with an enemy mage. Your Touch controllers offer incredible immersion as you launch spells from your hands and summon giant creatures made of city junk to fight your battles for you.

The Unspoken (about $30) is geared toward multiplayer, so you won't run out of skilled mages to fight. There are also a ton of different loadout options and different classes so that you can pick a playstyle that works best for you. Once you get into it, you'll have a hard time putting it down.

If street fighting with a serious twist seems like a lot of fun, you can't do better than The Unspoken.

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Space Pirate Trainer

Pew pew! It's up to you to defend your spaceship from attacking drones as rock music blares in your ears. From the moment you strap into the Rift, your adrenaline starts pumping and can't help but get psyched for the carnage you're about to inflict. Wait, game over? Space Pirate Trainer (about $15) is a serious challenge, but it's one you can't help but master by playing it again and again.

Your two pistols have a bunch of different firing options, and you can swap out one or both for shields if your strategy involves that kind of thing (or if you're a turtle). You're going to be sweaty when this one is done, as you'll do as much ducking and dodging as you do shooting.

A retro feel and intense action make this a perfect first-person shooter option for anyone with Oculus Touch.

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Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes (about $15) pretty much makes every "Best of" roundup for which it qualifies, and for good reason — it's fun, it's intense, it offers local multiplayer, and you can play it over and over and over and…

It's a simple premise: the person wearing the Rift has a bomb in front of them, and it's up to other people (whether online or right in your living room) to give correct defusal instructions. The defusal manual is readily available online, so anyone can jump in and offer support. The Touch controllers let players use their hands to fiddle with the bomb, which gets incredibly tense when beeping speeds up and lights flash brighter.

As far as multiplayer games go, this sits near the top. Check it out if you and your friends think you can handle the pressure.

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Kingspray Graffiti

Tagging dark city streets in real life might not exactly seem like an attractive hobby, but spraypainting in VR is very satisfying. There's no overspray, there are no drops on your clothes, and you have an unlimited amount of paint. It'll also only cost you about $15.

Legitimate spray artists will likely find Kingspray's realism adds up to a worthy simulator, but that doesn't mean an amateur can't find what they're looking for within. There is a wide selection of tools to help express yourself, and there's a handy undo button to fix any mistakes.

If you have an ounce of creativity in you, turn your Touch controllers into spray cans and see what comes out.

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Dead and Buried

Dead and Buried is set in the Wild West and involves all kinds of dynamite, six-shooters, and ten-gallon hats. You start off as a skeleton being dug out of the ground before a cobwebby pistol is shoved into your hand. You've been recalled to the surface!

This is a multiplayer game that lets you and up to three others join forces against a bunch of characters making trouble in saloons, on trains, down mineshafts. Between rounds — it's a wave shooter — you can choose to rebuild your cover or grab a disposable weapon that you can save for when things get real bad.

Did I mention this game is completely free? You won't pay a cent for Dead and Buried, and it has as much, if not more, content than a lot of paid games out there. This is a great addition to any Rift library and you'll probably find yourself playing it more often than some of your other, more expensive games.

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Fruit Ninja VR

Fruit Ninja VR might look a bit childish due to bright colors and cartoonish graphics, but don't be fooled — adults will get sucked in just as easily as younger players. Your Touch controllers become razor-sharp katanas, and all kinds of juicy fruit are launched into the air via cannons at your feet and at your sides.

The fruit floats through the air in a way that promotes racking up combos, and you can watch your score accumulate on the pagoda ahead of you — there is a steep leaderboard here. There are four different game modes to choose from, including a Zen mode that lets you sit back and chop fruit at your leisure; great for unwinding after a tough day.

If it's a Touch title suitable for anyone over the recommended Rift age you're looking for, Fruit Ninja VR will have the whole family fighting over who gets to go next.

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Haven't yet added Oculus Touch to your VR setup? It's never too late!

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Updated June 29, 2017: We've refreshed this list to ensure you're still getting the absolute best games to go along with your Oculus Touch controllers.

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