Whenever someone new comes to the home of a VR user there are always the standard questions. What's it like? Does it hurt? Are aliens secretly collecting the data from your brain through this strange face wrap? those kind of things. Once you have settled them all them the inevitable must happen, they want to try it and you want them to try it. Like any enthusiast we want our friends and family to love what we love so we have to try and put our best foot forward.

That is what this article is about; what games do the team here at VRHeads use to make people fall in love with the PSVR? We will take you through what game we chose and why we like it.

James Bricknell: Super Hot VR

Super Hot VR was one of the first games I played on PSVR and even now I hold it as one of the very best infection vectors for adults. The style of gameplay is unique to VR and while some may say the graphics are lacking, the physics more than make up for it. Watching people learn and adapt to the Time-is-Motion mechanic is a joy, as is watching them fall over when they try to put there hand on barricades that don't exist in the real world.

The travel system on Super Hot is another way to ease people into VR without the worry of making them motion sick, while still adding a high level of physicality, you will sweat playing this game.

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Russell Holly: Eagle Flight

If you're going to show someone what makes PlayStation VR really stand out, sit them in front of a television and watch their jaw drop as they soar through a wilderness-conquered France in Eagle Flight. The controls are unique, motion joysticks aren't required, and it's a easy system to learn.

Best of all, out of the box this game have a Free Flight mode that is just for exploring. This means there isn't a lot of complex mission requirements out of the box, just simple fun exploration. You can fly through the air with basically no nausea concerns, and if your friend gets really into the game they can start doing missions immediately.

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Jen Karner

One of the best perks of playing in VR is the immersive feel when what you see links up with what you're doing, and because of that I've gotta recommend Sparc to players new to VR. This 1v1 game is the first "VSports" game, and hurling the ball to try to score can give you one heck of a workout.

Sparc uses the PlayStation Move controllers to great success, and since the game is more of a sport, it's easy to grasp and enjoy. Each match is nice and short, you can play with random folks or your friends, and it really feels like you are in the middle of a sports arena. It's a great full body game that is easy to jump into, and fun enough to get you hooked.

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Cale Hunt: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood

I've been called a big ol' meanie for suggesting this game as an introduction to VR, but it's one that elicits the biggest reaction. It's meant to be played sitting down; you're in a rickety mine cart that rolls through different portions of an abandoned amusement park.

Along the way, you're given some sort of psychedelic that makes everything about as terrible as you can imagine. Just wait for the screaming pigs part. While the motion tracking on your guns — yes, you have two guns to shoot bowling pins, ducks, and homicidal clown — isn't the best, most newcomers are so overwhelmed by the VR horror that they won't notice. Just be sure there are no pre-existing heart conditions.

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What's your favorite?

Have you tried out any of these games? Do you have different suggestions for new players in VR to try out? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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