As we move into a more connected world, it's harder to find quality games you can play when you're completely offline. But we found some good ones that you could play even if you were in the middle of nowhere.

Some of these games have features that require you to be online such as leader boards and multi player matches but you can play the core experience of these games and have a good time without connecting to the web.


Rush is a skydiving game where you can control your fall using tilt controls or by steering by looking where you'd like to go. You can race against AI or compete to get the best time in time trials. It plays like an endless runner but with the twist of an open-feeling free fall.

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Base Blitz

Base Blitz is a military strategy game in the vein of Command and Conquer. You build up your base and defenses amass an army, and take on an opponent. It's easy to get addicted as you try to defend your turf while also conquering your opponent.

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Anshar Wars 2

This is a game that also made our list of best multi-player games for the Gear VR. But you can also have a good time by your lonesome offline. Anshar Wars 2 is a spaceship fighter where you can aim at enemy ships using head tilt controls. It'll get you out of your seat as you look around space for your enemies. But if you prefer to stay seated you can use a wireless controller as well.

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VR Karts

VR Karts is another game that's great for multi-player or single player fun. It's a basic kart racer with weapons and boosts but sometimes a basic racing game is the best racing game. You can race against the AI and hone your skills and then when you get back online school your friends.

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Coaster Combat

Coaster combat takes two of the most popular aspects of VR, roller coasters and shooting, and combines them into one game. The game takes you down a coaster track as you shoot at targets. A quick word of caution, this game can give you motion sickness very quickly if you're prone to that within VR.

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Even though many modern games and devices require you to be online, you can still have a great time without using data or Wi-Fi if you know where to look.

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