The Holidays are just about here heralding cold snowy weather, and warm nights sipping eggnog with family and friends. Of course this also means it's the perfect time for some awesome holiday experiences meant to be enjoyed with your Google Daydream.

Merry Snowballs

A snowy holiday may have you thinking wistfully back to the awesome snowball fights you got into as a kid, and now with Merry Snowballs you can. The whole aim of this game is to be the winner in a neighborhood snowball fight and face off against Santa himself.

Merry Snowballs is an absolutely free game on Daydream that arms you with a variety of different weapons as you go to battle. You'll have to fight your way through 25 different levels, taking advantage of weapons like the triple shooter, and skills like Slow Motion in order to win.

Download: Merry Snowballs

Google Photos

Why watch other people's Christmas experiences when you can relive your own? Google Photos for Daydream lets you dive into your own 360-degree photos, which can be captured either with a special camera or with the Photosphere function on your phone. You can even use the special Cardboard Camera app Google made for quick 360 panoramas, which add some sound to the experience to help amplify that immersive feel.

However you decide to capture, Google Photos for Daydream will let you sit in the middle of those photos and relive those experiences Something to keep in mind when creating those holiday memories this year!

Download: Google Photos


You might recognize VeeR VR from their photo and video editing app, but you may not have known they have a fully immersive Daydream app as well. You can upload your own videos of course, but there are also tons of great videos uploaded by other users. All you have to do is type in the sort of videos you're looking for, and voila!

They've got a pretty good range too, searching Christmas nets just over 100 videos, and Holidays will find you about 45. You can even search by tag to help find videos that might not pop up initially!

Since there are so many we've picked out a few of our favorites to check out!

Download: VeeR VR


YouTube has tons of great VR videos that you can enjoy for just about any occasion, and that most definitely includes the Holidays. All you really need to do is search for Holiday VR and you'll get all sorts of great videos that can be watched, but we've listed out a few of our favorites below.

You'll find videos that have you visiting the North Pole as Santa leaves to deliver presents all over the world in Merry Christmas, an awesome light show in Tel Aviv to celebrate Hanukkah, and plenty more!

Download: YouTube VR

Are you feeling that holiday spirit?

Just because there aren't many apps directed at enjoying the holiday, doesn't mean there isn't plenty of content to get you feeling Merry. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, or Friendsmas, there are plenty of fun videos to enjoy. Have you tried out any of our suggestions? Do you have your own suggestion for awesome Holiday apps and experiences on Daydream? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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