Is there a HOTAS controller I can use with PlayStation VR?

Hands On Throttle And Stick (HOTAS) controllers are extremely popular in the flight simulator community and are now gaining a lot of traction in the VR world. These controllers essentially give you a ton of control over your airplane or spaceship, and you can also look and feel like a boss while playing. HOTAS controllers will usually have a familiar joystick for one hand and a throttle for the other.

With rumors of War Thunder and Elite: Dangerous coming to PlayStation VR, and with a few VR games already supported, including EVE: Valkyrie and Starblood Arena, you might be tempted to set up a cockpit in your VR space. Here's the best — and so far really the only — one you'll want to get for PlayStation VR.

Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4

Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4

The T.Flight HOTAS 4 from Thrustmaster (about $80) is the controller for PS4 and PSVR; it's even branded with the PlayStation logo and is black with blue accents to match your machine and to provide a nice offset for the white and blue PSVR. If you're also into PC gaming, a simple switch will set it over to work on your computer.

The base is weighted to keep it in place even when you're frantically evading an enemy, and the joystick has an adjustable resistance to best suit a heavy or light hand. To simulate a rudder function and to pivot your craft on a vertical axis, the joystick can be twisted left or right.

Thrustmaster T.Flight HOTAS 4

The attached throttle can actually be detached and moved aside to simulate a more realistic setup and to let you sit back and get into the game. Perhaps the best part is that both the joystick and throttle have all the buttons you find on a standard DualShock 4 controller, making it extremely easy for you to map out the controls how you see fit.

Ready to really feel like you're in the cockpit of your ship? Grab the T.Flight HOTAS 4 from Thrustmaster now.

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Using HOTAS controllers in VR is beyond amazing!

Updated September 27, 2017: We've refreshed this article to ensure you're still getting the best HOTAS controller for PSVR.