One great thing about VR gaming is that it inspires you to get off the couch and exercise a little. But not everyone has that luxury.

We've spoken before about how the HTC Vive is a blessing for people with mobility issues, and there are plenty of games that fit the bill! Even if you're able to be up and about these titles are a load of fun and perfect for the times you just want to chill and build up energy for something a bit more physical.

Here are five great games (in no particular order) you can play on the HTC Vive that are perfect for sitting down.

Crazy Fishing

I'm a fan of fishing in real life, which has very little to do with Crazy Fishing. Sure, you use a fishing pole but this game is more Pokemon Go than Field & Stream, And that's what makes it so great!

A beautifully entertaining VR world, complete with more than a few fishing spots where you collect 33 different "fish". These aren't your normal fish nor is it your normal world. Trophies like Bombfish or Basketball fish are waiting to be caught, and once landed you'll quickly notice that they're also interactive elements with the things around you. In the case of exploding Bombfish, very quickly.

There's more to Crazy Fishing than finding and collecting to fill your Fish 'o' Dex. Eating mushrooms or chicken wings do things like make you grow to ginormous or tiny sizes (which you'll need to do in order to move to some areas of the map), Keyfish open hidden treasure chests, and when the day is done you can head back home and relax in front of your aquarium.

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Tabletop Simulator

Are you a fan of table gaming? Take things up a notch or two with Tabletop Simulator — a game where VR and traditional computers can play together at the same time.

Tabletop Simulator comes with 15 classic games, including favorites like Chess, Dominoes, and Poker. That's just the beginning, as you'll find literally thousands of community created games in the Steam workshop and it's easy to create your own.

You can import custom assets (like a fan-inspired full set of Warhammer 40K figures!), write and execute scripts to automate both the environment and gameplay and build your own physics into custom tables with hinges, joints, and rollers. If you find yourself losing you can even flip the table, which I can tell you from experience is something frowned upon in real life.

RPG fans (guilty) will especially love Tabletop Simulator. Built-in options include tilesets and dungeon furnishings, animated figurines that can be scripted to actually duke it out with each other and a special Game Master option so one player can control the action. Live out your dreams of being a real-life DM and abuse all your friends — and they'll even enjoy it.

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Tiny Town VR

Tiny Town VR is part Sim City, part Lego, and all fun. It's also wide open so your evil side can have a bit of freedom outside of whatever box you keep it locked away in.

Thousands of individual pieces click together to build your own, well, anything. Choose from preconfigured airports, farms, cities and more or eschew the rules and build anything. You're in charge and you can be as thoughtful or as reckless as you like. And the building is easy, with thoughtful VR controls complete with snapping tiles, guide lines and control points.

No town is complete without residents, and Tiny Town VR gives you full control over your subjects. Bend and pose them however you like, lift and place them so they're safe and productive, and even toss out a speech bubble so they can express what a great city architect you are. Or drop them over the edge and punish them for their seditious ways.

You're the boss here. It's your way or the highway. And that kind of power is just plain fun.

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Star Trek: Bridge Crew

No list of best VR games is complete without Ubisoft's Star Trek: Bridge Crew.

You're the captain and it's your job to keep your crew (and yourself) alive. And since this is a solo or multiplayer game, that can even more difficult. You'll need to communicate and work together to avoid becoming space dust.

It's not the Star Trek you might be used to, as it's set in an Abrams alternate universe aboard the USS Aegis by default. But that doesn't mean it's not full-on fun and you can relive your Roddenberry years at the helm of the Enterprise if you really want to.

My favorite thing about Star Trek: Bridge Crew is how visually alive it is. Mechanical details of your ship are painstakingly drawn down to the tiniest detail while space feels like space. At least to someone who has never been there. Once buckled in you'll love the ride.

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Fans of Black & White or Populous will absolutely love Tethered, and people who weren't lucky enough to have played either will, too.

OK, maybe I'm a bit biased here, but Tethered is the best "God Game" I've ever played. You are the deity with control of everything and it's your job to restore balance and shape the destiny of your Peeps. You control the fate of the entire world.

And that world is masterfully done. 13 islands await your touch and the Peeps are ready and willing to build civilization and die for it at your command. The graphics are superb, the controls are perfect and the gameplay is 100% fun.

Whether you're a fan of this sort of real-time strategy game or curious about what it feels like to be a god, Tethered is a great way to spend some time.

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Your picks?

No matter what we try, there are only 24 hours in a day so we can't play every game. That means there are plenty of them out there that belong on the list!

Shout out and let us know your favorite sit-down games for the Vive so we can all give them a spin.

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