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Getting a decent cardio workout during the winter months is difficult. Running outside might not be an option depending on where you live, and often times the gym is filled with people trying to make good on New Year's resolutions. The option you may not have considered is putting on your HTC Vive to really get a good cardio workout. I know, it sounds kind of crazy, but there are a handful of games that will give your heart and lungs a serious workout.


Holopoint has a pretty easy premise. You're armed with a bow and a quiver full of arrows. Cubes with pop up around you that you need to shoot at. If it sounds really simple, it is. Or at least it starts that way, anyhow. Things quickly ramp up; soon you'll be dodging projectiles and trying to hit targets that crop up all around you. Shooting is done by miming the actions of a bow, and, after a few minutes, you can really get a workout. This is especially true at higher levels when the targets you are shooting at are full blown ninjas who are out to get a bit of revenge.

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Audioshield brings music gaming into VR in a fantastic way. As a song plays, projectiles in red, blue, and purple will hurl at you in tandem with the beat. You need to punch your way through the projectiles using the shields you have in either hand. One is red, and the other is blue, when used together they will deal with purple projectiles. For those of you who like to listen to music while working out, this is the perfect game. While you can just put a hand out to break through projectiles, the game encourages you to punch through them as hard as you can. When you really get into it and start throwing jabs to a fast paced game, it is ridiculously easy to work up a serious sweat.

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Dead Hungry

The dead are rising, and they are seriously hungry. It's up to you, a single food truck worker, to feed them all and stop the apocalypse in its tracks. This ridiculously fun game has you serving up snacks to the undead horde and trying not to lose your mind (get it?) in the process. Things start out easy with only a few items on the menu, but soon you'll have to deal with a line of zombies shambling forward as you try to juggle every order effectively. If you succeed, the zombies will revert to their human selves and get out of Dodge. If you fail, well, it's not good.

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Raw Data

In Raw Data Eden Corp is taking over the world, one business venture at a time. You are a member of the hacking group Syndik8, intent on stealing the data needed to take down Eden Corp once and for all. In order to extract the data necessary to tell the world about their evil deeds, you'll need to protect data cores as information is downloaded. Things aren't quite so simple, though, because the robot army protecting that data gets in the way. The robots will advance in waves requiring you to use different skills and options in order to deal with them. You might not expect to get a workout from a shooter, but in VR it's an entirely different kind of gameplay.

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Knockout League

Have you ever dreamed of being a boxer, but you weren't down for having a face that looked like ground beef? Knockout League lets you live that dream by training and then rising through the ranks as a boxer. You'll have to jab, uppercut, dodge, and go through plenty of training to be the best. This game relies on you throwing punches at targets, and, later on, full boxing matches against a variety of opponents. As you dodge their jabs and throw a few of your own, you'll work up a serious sweat in no time flat.

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