Google Daydream delivers an excellent way to comfortably jump into and enjoy VR. Trying to figure out which phone is the absolute best for VR as well as be a solid phone can be a bit of a hassle. That's why we've done the legwork with you!

From it's excellent display, to better Bluetooth functionality, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the absolute best phone for enjoying Daydream. Here's why!

Keep it cool

One of the most common complaints about playing any phone-based-VR headset is how fast your phone heats up. Heat build up can cause some serious issues, causing jumpy or laggy experiences, and if your phone gets too hot, it can even shut itself down. Nobody wants to have their play session cut short, and while there are capable heatsinks out there, having a phone that doesn't overheat in the first place is an excellent option.

The Galaxy S8 has some serious thermal reduction, which means that you can play for longer without having to worry about your phone getting too hot and shutting down. This is a pretty noticeable difference from using a Pixel XL which starts to heat up quickly and has been a problem for plenty of people.

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Stay connected

One of the things Daydream users up to know know all too well is how unstable a pair of Bluetooth headphones can be in VR. Audio lag is a terrible thing for immersion, so you have to be very picky about what headphones you use.

The Galaxy S8 still requires you to be careful with the wireless headphones you choose, but it also opens up a few more options that are likely to be much more stable. This phone is Bluetooth 5 certified, which means when you are connected to a Bluetooth 5 headset the phone is able to send a lot more data much faster than most other headphones.

When listening to normal music this means potentially higher quality audio, but when dealing with VR it means you're far less likely to encounter audio lag should you decide to go wireless.

See everything

When you are playing in VR, the screen is just a few inches away from your eyes. This means that you can see everything, every mote of dust, every scratch, and every detail that your phone is delivering to you. More than in any other case, the screen on your phone really, really, matters when you are in VR.

This is where something called pixel density matters way more than you'd probably imagine before trying VR. If you have more pixels packed into a smaller space, the image in your headset is much sharper. Samsung's displays are among the densest in the industry, as well as frequently the more feature-packed.

The Galaxy S8 rocks that super tall infinity display, which delivers more for your eyes to take it. It's got better controls over its brightness and adds nearly a full inch of display compared to the competition. This means you'll be able to see every detail, and really immerse yourself in the VR experiences you pick up.

Are you using an S8?

Daydream can bring you excellent new experiences, but having the best phone to handle them is really key to truly enjoying your experience. The rollout for Galaxy S8 to Daydream is still new, but it's already apparent that it's the best phone for enjoying this headset. Have you been using your S8 with Daydream? Does any of this make you want to make the switch? Let us know about it in the comments below!

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