VR is coming to a console near you. At least if you plan on picking up a PlayStation VR it is. Plenty of games have been announced ahead of the system's release, and you may not have seen everything that will be coming out. That's why we decided to delve into all of those game announcements and find the best games to check out.

We've collected 5 of the most interesting, and jaw dropping games. From first person shooters, to space battles, to survival horror, there are already plenty of options to pique your interest. Keep scrolling for the games that you shouldn't miss once you've gotten your PlayStation VR home and set up!

Eve: Valkyrie

It's time to go barrel wheeling through space as you shoot your way through the galaxy. Originally an elite space fighter pilot, you become immortal due to some less than stellar circumstance and join up with the pirate faction Valkyrie. You'll fly through a world of space that is beautifully rendered in jaw dropping visuals, while fighting for wealth, supremacy, and glory.

You'll get access to single player PVE modes, along with plenty of multiplayer action. There are also ways to upgrade your character, and ship, all the while fighting against rival pirate factions. It's a high octane adventure sure to suck you in.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

Resident Evil, and the evil Umbrella corporation have been scaring the pants off of gamers for over a decade now. It's time to bring the terror to a new level with Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Entirely in first person, and with new rendering that adds a photorealistic flair to everything, this installment is really taking everything to the next level.

You won't be playing any characters that you've met before, and you'll be wandering through a decrepit old mansion somewhere in rural america. This game isn't meant to be a "gunfest" as developers have announced, but you will see healing herbs, and the regular problem solving elements from earlier games.

Batman: Arkham VR

Let's be honest, who has never wanted to be Batman? To step into the suit, and do battle with the villains that plague Gotham City, or to have access to all of the awesome gadgets that he has at his disposal. Well, Rocksteady has brought you exactly that experience. This game makes becoming the Batman more possible than ever, and they've gone out of their way to bring an excellently immersive experience.

You'll be able to explore Wayne Manor, and the Batcave, amongst other iconic locations inside the city. This isn't just any Arkham game though. Instead you'll be solving an intense murder mystery that plays back to the classic Batman comics, with a twist of darkness that the Arkham games have given us now for years.

How we Soar

It's time to take to the skies, and explore a new world. In How we Soar, you'll play as a gigantic Phoenix that swoops and glides through the air. By controlling the Phoenix via your Dualshock 4 controller, you'll have the ability to bring a world back to life. Each level that you encounter will start by appearing shredded, and as you get closer to it, the world will unfurl and paint itself in vibrant colors.

The landscapes that you are exploring are all crafted in excruciating detail in a unique papercraft artstyle that will take your breath away. This world was created in the mind, and from the memories of The Author. Hidden inside these worlds are secrets that you'll need to uncover during your journey. Moving between reality and fantasy, you'll need to learn the truth behind those secrets in order to piece together the tale of the author's life.


When things get tough, the tough keep moving. After you crash land on an alien planet, things start to go bad. Very, very bad. You'll have to fight to survive against hostile alien life, and keep moving to find the secrets that are hidden on the planet. As if things weren't bad enough, your team has also been attacked and you'll need to find them before the worst can happen.

Farpoint uses the PS VR Aim controller, which gives you an unprecedented amount of control over your gameplay. As you move the controller, your gun will move as well which makes this an immersive experience that only VR can deliver. This is what a next generation FPS looks like, and it will drag you into a whole new world. Here's to hoping you survive the journey.

There are already over a dozen different titles, both exclusive to Playstation VR, and available on other systems, that have been announced. The titles here aren't close to all the of the games that will be available, instead these are the ones that we are most excited about. From dodging enemy fighters in space, to exploring a new world from the back of a Phoenix. No matter what kind of game you enjoy, there is something on Playststaion VR that will be right up your alley.

Which PSVR games are you most excited about? Is there a title that we should check out? Let us know in the comments below!