Best RPGs for HTC Vive

Role-playing games are a ton of fun when played on a monitor, but actually stepping into the shoes of a character and giving their life a try through VR is an entirely different experience. The library of RPGs for HTC Vive is ever-expanding, but here are some of the best you can try right now.

Left-Hand Path

Those of you who love to take full advantage of Vive's full-room capabilities will absolutely love Left-Hand Path. You'll be throwing spells around with your hands and you'll be ducking and dodging enemy weapons bigger than your entire body.

The voice acting here is tops, and the intriguing story will keep you busy for about three hours in its current state — this is an Early Access title, and there is upwards of 10 hours of content planned for the final release. Likened to Dark Souls, this is a dark story that doesn't treat you with kid gloves.

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Vanishing Realms

This Early Access title already resembles a fleshed out game — there are a ton of weapons organized in a clever inventory system, you have a full suite of enemy monsters to go up against, and the world is as pretty as can be.

You will feel like you're actually living in this cartoonish world as you eat, drink, and explore all the nooks and crannies, both in cities and in the wilderness. We can't wait to see what the final version of this game delivers, but right now it's still totally worth your time.

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5089: The Action RPG

Want an extremely in-depth RPG and don't mind some retro, low-fi graphics? This is the game for you. The Overlord of planet Xax disappeared 1000 years ago and hasn't been heard from since — you're here to find out why. Every inch of the planet is procedurally generated so you won't ever run out of territory to explore, and the quests just keep on coming.

Disassemble your weapons and remake them in a different form, fly around in your spaceship, and try out stealth mode for satisfying kills and easy espionage. What you do here is really up to you, which is the hallmark of a true RPG.

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Vivecraft for Minecraft

While the debate rages on over whether or not Minecraft is an RPG, you could be playing Vivecraft, a mod for the Java version or the hit world-building game. You will need a copy of Minecraft to play, but Vivecraft is completely free.

The first time you see the world inside Vivecraft will feel like you're discovering Minecraft all over again. Zombies and creepers feel like they're actually a threat to your real life, whether or not you explore a cave is a difficult decision, and you can really feel like you're living at the top of a castle. Locomotion is handled with teleportation — just point a Vive wand and click — and use of tools is handled with your other Vive wand. Yes, you actually get to wield a sword and pickaxe.

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Werewolves Within

Werewolves Within is a multiplayer game involving six players where each of you is given a role to play. Each role has a set of abilities that help with the end goal, but you'll have to work together to have a successful match. What are you all working toward? Rooting out the werewolf in your midst, of course.

One person is given the role of a bloodthirsty monster — it's their job to convince everyone else that they're just another regular townsperson. As you sit around a table in the town's square, you can see the town around you and the people who join the game. Great artwork, a great premise, and infinite replayability make this a must-have role-playing game. It's just so much fun lying to strangers on the internet.

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Your favorite RPG?

What is your go-to title when it comes to RPGs on the HTC Vive? Let us know in the comments section!