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Samsung built the Gear VR so it didn't have to rely on a separate controller, and most of the time that is awesome. The touch panel on the side of the headset lets you move around quickly and swipe to perform many different actions in apps and games, and it's a lot of fun. Sometimes, either because you don't want a single arm getting tired from playing for an extended period of time or because you want to be a little more discreet, a controller is what you need. Of course there are also games that take advantage of the Gear VR controller to take games to the next level!

Here's a quick look at the games we like best when played with a Gear VR controller in hand, so you can have more fun in VR for longer.

Herobound Gladiators

Look down from you position high in the clouds as your adventurer slashes, shoots, and jumps through a seemingly endless horde of enemies! Herobound Gladiators is a great solo game with a compelling multiplayer feature, and with a controller in your hand it's like you're in your own private video game booth carving a path to victory.

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Pick the spells that work best for you, wander out into the dueling arena, and be ready to fight your fellow mages to the death! Wands is a fun multiplayer experience that gets a little complicated with the touch panel, but with a controller in hand you quickly gain an advantage over the other spell-slingers. That is, assuming you can remember which button does what!

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Everyone knows Minecraft was originally made for mouse and keyboard folk, but the game has always been deeply satisfying with a controller in hand. This game can only be played with a controller on the Samsung Gear VR, and with good reason. Trying to play this game on the touch pad would quickly lead to confusion, so grab that controller and enjoy.

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Smashing the Battle

This futuristic hack-and-slash game lets you run through what feels like it could easily be an arcade game, complete with power-ups and boss fights in an almost 2.5D side-scroller feel — only it's in VR and you're hovering above the world. Smashing the Battle is best played with a controller if only because it saves you from pulling the headset off along with your hair when you're stomped into the dirt by an opponent for the third time.

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Bandit Six: Salvo

Your controller may not feel like an airplane flight stick, but it's a lot closer to one than the side of your headset and that makes a huge difference in Bandit Six. This dogfight game keeps your head on a swivel, which means a finger on a physical trigger is a lot more comfortable and way more entertaining. If immersion is what you want out of your VR games, make sure you have a controller in hand when playing this one!

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Drop Dead

It's zombie killing time! Using either a gamepad or the Gear VR controller, you'll have to mow your way through the zombies being sent by Dr. Monday. You'll have to slay your way through dozens of these fast-moving, undead, green ghouls in order to complete the story herein. Of course, you won't have to do it unarmed, you'll have pistols, experimental weapons, and even sticky grenades to help you go ahead and get the job done.

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What's your favorite?

Do you have a favorite Gear VR game that absolutely requires a controller? Is there an excellent game that ought to have made our list? Let us know about it in the comments!

Updated July 20, 2017: We've updated this list with the best games on Gear VR that require a controller.

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