If you've spent much time away from the Play Store looking for apps and games to play, then chances are you've already heard of Sideload VR. This app not only lets you load and play 3rd party applications, but it also has a small store of apps and games for you to check out. We spent some time finding the best of the best, and we've collected them for you here!


If you've ever wanted to play Quake in VR, then QuakeGVR is the app that you have got to try. This includes a shareware version of Quake, although if you have the full version you can load it up on your phone to play.

Of course, considering the fast-paced action, this is definitely a game where you'll need a gamepad in order to stay on top of the chaos. There is also more content that will be unfamiliar to longtime fans of the game. You can play extra mission packs and custom multiplayer maps for a new challenge.

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While a new Doom game will appearing later in 2017, this is the original flesh rending, enemy exploding, sheer madness of Doom, all while in VR. Once again, if you own the full Doom or Doom 2 game, if you copy those files over to your phone you'll be able to play the whole game.

This is also a game where you'll definitely need a gamepad if you want to survive. Of course, it isn't a perfect game, and namely, there are some issues in VR when looking up and down. If you're in the mood to clean out a space station descending into Hell, then DGVR is here to help you scratch that itch.

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Many gamers have a fond remembrance for the first gaming system they got their hands on, and for many folks that's a Gameboy. Well, if that's the case, then GVRgb, a Gameboy Emulator is here to get you nostalgic for your favorite games of yesteryear.

GVRgb is a fully functional Gameboy Emulator, which means if you have Gameboy ROMs, then this app will play them. Whether you're revisiting old favorites, or this is your first experience with Gameboy, there are plenty of excellent Nintendo games to dive into and enjoy all while in VR.

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The world of Legend of Zelda is one that has captivated gamers for decades now, delivering amazing and epic gameplay. If you've ever wanted to explore the world of Hyrule, without having to worry about enemies, or a story tugging you inexorably in a specific direction, this is the app for you.

Hyrule is a render of the world gamers will recognize from Ocarina of Time, letting you wander around locations like Kokiri Forrest, Hyrule Field, Lon Lon Ranch, Kakariko Village, Graveyard, Well, and Shadow Temple. You will need a gamepad in order to enjoy this experience, and rather than a game this is definitely more of an experience that any Zelda fan will enjoy.

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Islands in the Sky V2.2

Islands in the Sky is a virtual flight sim that has you protecting a futuristic city that floats in the sky from enemy combatants. You'll have to fly around targeting enemy ships, and snagging resources from wrecks in the sky. The goal of everything you do is to protect your city from any issues.

This is a very simple game, and it probably won't take long at all to beat. If you enjoy flying through space though, this is a great one to check out.

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Elementalist X

The last game on our list today is Elementalist X is a tower defense game, but unlike everything else we've recommended, this game is a demo and not a full version. Even so, their take on Tower Defense in VR is fun and intense.

You play as an Elementalist, using different elements in order to hold off the hordes of enemies intent on overtaking you. While using the elements to your advantage, you'll also need to teleport in order to avoid those same enemies and avoid being killed or overrun.

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What's your favorite?

Sideload VR delivers some interesting apps and experiences that aren't available through the Play Store. Have you tried playing any games or apps from Sideload VR? Did your favorite not make our list? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments below!

January 5, 2017: We've updated this post, and added Islands in the Sky to our list of apps to check out!

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