When Rift isn't on your face, it takes up a lot of space on your desk.

Since you can't really use the IR camera as a convenient holding mechanism for Oculus Rift, a lot of folks look for ways to store the headset when it's not in use. The hybrid fresnel lenses are precious, the IR fabric is difficult to clean, and you just spent a lot of money on this VR funbox. You need to take care of it, and for most people that means finding some way to store or keep off of your desk. The good news is there are several great options, and we've got them all right here for you.

The Wall Mount

Oculus Rift

This particular hook has been 3D Printed, thanks to a clever design discovered on Thingiverse, but any broad hook that you can rest the nose piece on will do just fine. The important thing here is being able to hold the headset with the lenses down so dust doesn't ever lay on the lenses, and keeps the cable neatly would around the headset. This solution is perfect if you know you're going to be regularly using Rift but don't always want or need the headset connected to your PC.

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The Box Conversion

Oculus Rift

One of the more amazing things Oculus did with Rift shipments is package the headset in an ultra-convenient travel case. If you haven't thrown away your Oculus Rift box, a quick notch out of the back will let you store the headset even while it is connected to your PC, which means it's protected from everything and ready to use at a moment's notice. This solution only works if you have a space near your desk for the box to sit, but it's sturdy enough that you can set the box pretty much anywhere.

Ikea to the Rescue

Oculus Rift

If you've already trashed your Rift box, or find it a little too large for your needs, Ikea sells a stackable box with a nice lid in their Bladis box that is just the right side for your Rift and Xbox controller, which will keep both safe and is sturdy enough to be stored under your desk or somewhere nearby for when you're ready to play. Like everything Ikea, the Bladis describes a whole bunch of different boxes, so make sure you're grabbing the size that fits your needs!

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What are you doing to store your Oculus Rift when it's not delivering entirely surreal VR experiences? Sound off in the comments!