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Gaming in VR isn't just about first-person shooters and role-playing games; strategy games are becoming more and more popular as people realize how fun it is to hover over a game board, planning a method of attack or a solution to a puzzle.

Those of you who love strategy games on a normal monitor will find themselves immersed to a completely new level in VR. To help you get started, here are some of the best strategy games available for HTC Vive.

Castle Must Be Mine

Watching cartoon troops (or balloons) march along a determined route only to be ambushed by your traps is more fun than it should be. This is what tower defense games are all about. Now, with Castle Must Be Mine, donning the Vive places a large table in your VR space. That table is covered in a map where you can place towers and defend your castle.

There are nine maps in total to master, and there are plenty of monsters to defend against. When your towers are overwhelmed, you can use the Vive controllers to launch attacks of your own against the invaders. Despite resting in Early Access on Steam, this strategy game is already the favorite of a large number of Vive owners.

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Tabletop Simulator

Boardgames are the original strategy game, but getting friends together in order to play can be a bit tough. Now, thanks to Tabletop Simulator, you can play all your favorite board games on the internet, in VR. All the classics are here, plus you can create your own games and play them with up to nine other people, whether they're using a Vive or a standard monitor. The physics and graphics are spot on, and multiplayer mechanics work well.

Considering the price of most physical board games, you're getting an incredible deal at only about $20.

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One part classic arcade, one part space sim, and one part real-time strategy, Lazerbait is a wonderful Vive game that is completely free. You use your motion controllers to direct your fleet of ships from planet to planet, where you must conquer the defenders. Once in control, the planet will start creating more ships for you so that you can continue your overtake of the universe.

You can play against up to seven A.I. opponents who are all on the same mission. Near the end, when each player controls a large number of planets, the amount of ships in a space battle can number in the hundreds. For a free strategy game that is about as epic as they come, check out Lazerbait.

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Cosmic Trip

Feel like getting a workout while you play a strategy game? Cosmic Trip has you in the middle of your base where you must build structures, harvest resources, and finally turn those resources into cosmobots. Sound easy? It isn't.

All the while you'll be attacked by locals who are wondering what you're doing on their planet. If your cosmobots can't get the job done defending you, you'll have to take matters into your own hands; literally. Your Vive controllers double as shields and guns that you can use to help save your base. This game is still in Early Access on Steam, but it already has a huge following.

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AirMech Command

Fans of real-time strategy games are going to love AirMech Command. Detailed maps fill your VR space where you can walk around, guiding troops into battle. Your armies can be completely customized, and you can unlock cosmetic items for more than 50 unique Air Mechs.

When you aren't commanding your troops from above, you can jump into the cockpit of an Air Mech and battle it out at ground level. With solo, co-op, and PVP game modes, this strategy gem will keep you busy for a long time.

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Waddle Home

The debate rages on about whether or not climate change is real (seriously); regardless, there are some penguins trapped on an iceberg floating in the open sea. In order to save them, you have to move them around a grid filled with nasty traps and enemies to a rescue ship waiting with warm blankets and fresh fish.

Graphics are beautiful on all 40 levels, and at only about $10, it's a great addition to any strategy gamer's library.

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Final Approach

Handling the airspace around a busy airport is no easy task; it takes careful planning to get all planes and helicopters landed. In Final Approach, you stand in the middle of a series of runways and use the Vive controllers to guide aircraft to their destination.

Not exciting enough? Take control of an aircraft carrier and battleships and fend off enemies on the open seas. Still not exciting enough? A busy city is full of emergencies, and you need to guide vehicles to injured pedestrians. If you'd like a strategy game that involves room-scale gameplay and a variety of scenarios, check out Final Approach.

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Your favorite strategy game

What is your favorite VR strategy game, whether on Vive or another platform? Let us know in the comments section!

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