Best Strategy Games For Oculus Rift

There are plenty of first-person shooter, RPG, and sports games for VR, but strategy games, both real-time (RTS) and turn-based (TBS), translate extremely well to the platform. Being able to stand above a board, controllers in hand and commanding your troops is immersive and a ton of fun. Wondering where to start? Here are the best strategy titles available now for Oculus Rift.


Skyworld (about $30) is a delicious blend of RTS and TBS genres set in a fantasy world with steampunk undertones. All action takes place on a large table, which flips around depending on what you're currently working on. For day-to-day management, you can view your kingdom at a turn-based pace, and for battle, you enter a battleground for real-time action. It has a lengthy campaign, a singleplayer skirmish mode, and cross-platform multiplayer that works with HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality.

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Castle Must Be Mine

The tower defense idea translates easily into VR, offering players a top-down view of a large map that they must defend. Castle Must Be Mine (about $15) takes this idea and blends pretty graphics and a bunch of different maps and monsters for an overall satisfying experience. Build your defenses, let the enemy march in, and keep your castle safe in real time, including tossing traps and spells at the approaching troops.

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Landfall (about $20) is another Rift game that blends a couple of genres to deliver an exciting VR game. In this case, it's all about commanding troops in real time and occasionally jumping into the cockpit of a giant mech to wreak havoc. Landfall's campaign is the story of a world flooded by rising sea levels and the battle for remaining resources; it's a decent story, and when it's finished you can take the action online against other players. Lots of replayability here, plus the graphics are gorgeous and detailed.

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These kittens are extremely cute, and they're also invading your home planet. Kittypocalypse (about $15) is a tower defense game that has you building and defending against the furry menace, and it all takes place across fifteen varied environments. The campaign takes about four hours to complete, and following that you can jump into skirmish maps to hone your skills.

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Defense Grid 2

The standard PC version of Defense Grid 2 was a hit among users, and developer Hidden Path Entertainment has managed to successfully bring it to VR. This is a tower defense game, and one that's beautiful too look at. The first chapter, containing multiple levels, is completely free to try, and there are five more chapters that you can buy if you want to continue with the story. There's no multiplayer, but there is plenty of content here to keep you busy for a long time.

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AirMech: Command

One part RTS and one part multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) in the likes of DOTA 2, AirMech: Command (about $20) lets you control your troops from above while also giving you the ability to jump into the cockpit of an AirMech and fight in real time. You can play alone, with a friend, or against a friend, and there are more than 50 AirMechs to unlock. For an intense strategy game that's not quite like any of the others, definitely give this one a try.

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