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Google Cardboard may have started on Android, but iPhone users have access to a massive number of VR apps available right in the App Store. The real challenge isn't finding Cardboard apps for your iPhone, it's finding the best apps to complete your VR experience. For anyone looking for fun things to do with a Google Cardboard headset and an iPhone, check out our quick list of five apps you should absolutely have in your library!

Cardboard Camera

Google Cardboard is designed to be a mostly passive experience, but there's a couple of gems that help you be creative. One of the best is Cardboard Camera, an app by Google to capture VR photos with your phone and view them in Cardboard. This app allows you to capture photos in an almost panorama-style fashion, and includes audio from the world around you as you capture. When you play the photo back, you get to hear everything happening around you at the time.

Cardboard Camera photos can be shared with other VR users, but it's mostly a great new way to keep everything around you in your pocket.

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Jaunt VR

There's a lot of great 360-degree video out there to watch in VR, but some of the absolute best exists on Jaunt VR. This standalone VR video app lets you choose between dozens of great experiences and fully immerse yourself. It's also a great resource for introducing new VR users to new experiences.

Jaunt is free, and it's great. This should absolutely be a part of your library.

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VR Crossy

This is totally not a clone of Crossy Road. Alright, so it kind of is. You get a first-person view of the Crossy Road universe, with the same basic objective to stay alive while moving ever forward. It's a little jarring to look over and see yourself getting run over, even if ti is by a giant pixelated truck, but it's a great laugh if you're looking for a quick VR app to share with friends.

The best part of VR Crossy is the price. It's not as elaborate as the real Crossy Road, but for a free app you'll find there's a lot to like here.

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vTime Cardboard

One of the best parts of experiencing VR is sharing with others, but that doesn't always mean taking off the headset and handing it off to someone else. If you check out some of the Social VR experiences, you'll find you can talk and share with people right in VR. One of the best examples of social VR out there today is vTime. It lets you join a room of up to four people in various virtual environments, and that virtual space is built specifically for having real-time conversations and sharing photos for everyone to see.

You'll need to create an account to fully experience vTime, but if you've got VR friends around the world this is one of the best ways to jump in to VR together and have a nice chat.

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Jurassic Virtual Reality

VR experiences aren't all entertainment or social activities. In fact, VR education is one of the biggest categories of apps on Google Cardboard, due in no small part to the increasing focus on introducing VR into classrooms. A great way to introduce VR to your kids at home is with Jurassic Virtual Reality. This is a simple VR app for giving the user a larger than life view of many different dinosaurs, complete with facts about each one you come across.

This is a fun app for any age, and a great way to introduce people to VR without scaring or surprising them!

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