What are the best shooters for VR?

Updated 15 December 2016: We refreshed this list to include some newcomers to the best VR shooters collection!

One of the biggest genres in console and PC gaming is the shooter – an instantly recognizable concept with wide appeal. This appeal has also extended to virtual reality, putting players right into the center of the battle zone.

There are plenty of shooters on all VR platforms, but here are the ones we think are best suited for your library!

The Brookhaven Experiment

From the moment you start The Brookhaven Experiment, it's instantly clear that the experience isn't designed for the faint hearted. If you're afraid of the dark, struggle under pressure or just hate rabid zombies, The Brookhaven Experiment can be one of the most immersive but terrifying experiences no matter the platform.

The game releases zombies in waves and using your chosen equipment, you must attempt to repel their attack. Zombies come in all shapes and sizes, varying from human-like creatures to 8-foot tall behemoths. The Brookhaven Experiment, one of the first VR game that left me feeling truly in danger, is available for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR.

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Drop Dead

Drop Dead is hands-down the best shooter for Gear VR. While other game of similar ilk are repetitive and lack immersion, this shooter puts you behind an enormous arsenal of weapons and lets you move through a world filled with brain-hungry undead.

Play with either the trackpad or the gamepad thanks to the smart HUD design, and enjoy the comical story and simple, fun gameplay that will make you want to come back again and again.

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Onward is a first-person shooter that stands out from the existing library of virtual reality titles, built entirely on the concept of player vs. player combat. Military simulators are relatively common in PC gaming, but Onward is the first notable attempt to bring the experience to the HTC Vive.

Similar to other military simulators, gameplay is relatively slow-paced at times, with short bursts of action. This places an emphasis on strategy and coordination with your team. The game's voice chat is automatically enabled through the HTC Vive's inbuilt microphone, to promote communication with your squad. Not only is Onward a great standalone shooter, but also a compelling social experience.

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Superhot VR

If you've already tried Superhot, you know what a thrill it is to plan an attack while time is frozen and then carry it out like a master assassin. The experience is only heightened in VR, especially with the Oculus Touch controllers. The art style is unique, and if you like violence, this should be at the top of your list.

The devs created this game anew for VR, so don't worry about it feeling like a shoddy port — this is the real deal.

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Damaged Core

Damaged Core is, in our opinion, the best first-person shooter for the Oculus Rift, and is overall one of the best Rift games you can buy.

The campaign, which lasts over 10 hours, throws you up against an evil robot army that wants to destroy the fleshy meatbags known as humans. Damaged Core has an interesting premise that lets you teleport from robot to robot, take over their systems, and use their weapons against other robots. The result is a fast-paced, exhilarating shooter that you won't want to put down.

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Raw Data

For fans of futuristic first-person shooters, Raw Data offers some of the most invigorating and engaging gunplay for the HTC Vive. Despite the game's lack of content in its current state, the existing version in Early Access lays the foundations for a full-fledged shooter.

Taking on the role of an ambitious hacker, Raw Data pits waves of humanoid robots against the player. These security forces escalate in waves, as your data extraction slowly progresses. The game also has an additional multiplayer mode, which offers similar action alongside a cooperative buddy.

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The Arcslinger

As far as Daydream games go, The Arcslinger is a wild, wacky, Western shooter with a whole host of interesting characters and thrilling gameplay. Use the Daydream Controller as your six-shooter as you blast your way through a well-written story — the greatest warrior in the land is no longer around and it's up to you, his squire, to save the town from baddies.

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Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope

Do you like huge guns? Do you like gratuitous blood and gore? Do you like a game that can make fun of itself and other shooters? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, Serious Sam VR is probably for you. It's you against an unbelievable host of enemies in the latest edition of this long-running game series, and it's a whole new experience thanks to the Rift's Touch controllers and the Vive's wands.

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Space Pirate Trainer

For those with a sweet spot for retro shooters, Space Pirate Trainer provides the perfect trip down memory lane. With its vibrant aesthetic and arcade approach to gameplay, the game delivers robust and engaging gun mechanics.

The game unleashes droids and as a space pirate, you must repel the waves of enemies. Armed with a varied arsenal of weapons and gadgets, players must shoot down the droids while dodging their attacks. Oh, yeah — the soundtrack is brilliant.

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Arizona Sunshine

There's been a lot of hype around Arizona Sunshine, and for good reason. The graphics are gorgeous, the guns handle realistically, and the zombies are terrifying. Unlike many other zombie shooters where you're stuck in a small area defending a makeshift camp from waves of enemies, here you're actually exploring and scavenging the aftermath of an apocalypse. Toss in quality voice-acting and some much-needed humor, and you have one of the best VR games yet to be released.

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What have we missed?

Are there any shooters that you feel are missing from this list? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below!