Managing to make time for friends when you have a busy schedule or a crazy commute can be difficult, but VR can make it a little bit easier. So long as you and your friends have VR headsets there are some awesome social apps to check out. You can chat about your day, watch videos together, or play mini-games like you're kids again! We've got the best social apps for you to check out right here!

Oculus Rooms

When it comes to hanging out with friends, you're not always able to physically travel to them. Thankfully, you can still hangout and chat about everything going on, with Oculus Rooms on Gear VR. This is a room that you get to control and decorate, essentially your VR place to entertain company.

When you enter into an Oculus room, you'll appear as the floating head of your avatar and be able to see your friends as their avatars whether they are using Gear VR or Rift. This means that so long as both you, and your bestie have an Oculus headset, you'll be able to hang out in a private room and catch up on everything important in your lives. You can watch videos on screens inside the room, or play matching games to amuse yourselves. Additionally, you can launch multiplayer games to enjoy together from within Oculus Rooms.

See Oculus Rooms


vTime is an app that is built to be a social hub. You create an avatar and then hang out in groups seated around a table. vTime is available for almost every platform and is a great way to socialize in VR. That's because it gives you options on both how you look, and interact in a group setting.

This app delivers pretty awesome features for both your avatar and your surroundings when you are hanging out in VR. You can customize the way you look from hair and eye color, to the clothing that you are wearing, along with a unique username. This gives you a real identity within the app, and you'll be traveling to some pretty awesome locales. While you are always seated around a table, the backgrounds can be stunning, and there are 20 to choose from. On top of that, you get emojis so the folks you are talking to can see how you feel about a subject, and the ability to share your photos with friends from within the app.

Rec Room

Not every social experience in VR needs to be about sitting down and hanging out to chat about everything going on in your lives. Sometimes you want to have fun and wreak havoc, and that is precisely where Rec Room comes in.

Rec Room is set up to look like the Rec Rooms you might remember from childhood, a giant gym filled with equipment and doors. There is a main area where you can play with toys, or the ping pong table, but it's the doors that line the room that lead to the real fun. Whether you're joining up with a pack of your friends going to play Paintball, or hang out in the main area and try to make some new friends along the way. You can even create private rooms to enjoy some game time with your friends, and only your friends, which makes it great for kids hanging out in VR.

Do you have a favorite?

Half the fun of VR is being able to share and enjoy it with friends. These social apps are all made to make it easier to hang out with your friends in VR, or make some new ones who enjoy their headsets as much as you do! Do you have a favorite social app that we missed? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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