VRCosplayX is the best place on the internet to find cosplay porn. They have hundreds of videos, and just as many models who star in them. However, trying to find the best of the best amongst everything hiding there. Alessa Savage stands out from the crowd in her videos, delivering a stellar performance that shouldn't be missed. We've also collected some other great models that you may want to feast your eyes on.

Best Overall: Alessa Savage

When it comes to picking the best model on VRCosplayX, there are dozens of models to choose from. However, Alessa Savage with her dual performances of Jinx from League of Legends easily rises to the top of the pack. Alessa delivers fantastic performances and brings Jinx to life in all of her blue-haired glory.

While many other models on the service only have one video to their name, Alessa has two, both playing Jinx. Both of these videos have garnered above a 9.0 rating from the community, and have fantastic production values from the costumes to the sets. Really though, it's the casting of Alessa in this role that makes her such a star. She makes you really believe that you're watching Jinx in high-definition.


  • Alessa shares a striking resemblance to Jinx
  • Great Costume
  • Alessa exemplifies everything that makes Jinx a great character


  • Only two videos

Best Overall

Alessa Savage

Alessa Savage

Alessa Savage exemplifies Jinx from League of Legends in her videos.

From her long blue braids and bright blue eyes to her giant grin, Alessa Savage brings Jinx to life in HD. The casting alone is stellar, but Alessa absolutely smashes expectations. She brings Jinx to life from a pixelated game character to a flesh and blood person who is ready to give you a real show

Best Movie Model

Haley Reed

Haley Reed

Captain Marvel comes to life as Carol Danvers

Carol Danvers might be new to the Marvel cinematic universe, but she's still a powerhouse and now you can see her in all her XXX glory. Haley Reed brings this blonde bombshell to your VR headset in a glorious red, black, and gold jumpsuit. Captain Marvel: A XXX Parody is one of the highest rated videos on VRCosplayX for good reason, and that's why we've chosen Haley as the Best Movie Model on the platform.

Best TV Show Model

Lindsey Cruz

Lindsey Cruz

Lindsey Cruz brings Buffy back to life. Again.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a quippy, smart and entirely capable Slayer who has inspired XXX fantasies of nerds everywhere. Now, Lindsey Cruz brings her to a headset near you in the red leather pants and black tank top you may recognize from the show. This video is ripped right from the storylines of Buffy Season 5, and Buffy has some words for Spike. Seems like she might be playing hard to get through, and that's a good sign for you Spike.

Best Video Games Model

Alyssia Kent

Alyssia Kent

Tomb Raider comes to life with Alyssia Kent as Lara Croft.

Lara Croft has been one of the most popular video game characters for years, with both games and movies as a part of the franchise. Now Lara comes to life in a XXX video with Alyssia Kent bringing her to life. Alyssia looks just like Lara, and she brings the character to life in an entirely NSFW fashion. She's rocking a classic look with a french braid, blue tank top, sunglasses and all, but don't worry they don't stay on for long.

Best Model from an animated show or movie

Gia Milana

Gia Milana

Chel may have helped you find El Dorado for a promise of gold, but now she wants something else from you.

Chel, from the animated El Dorado movie is brought to life by the bombastic Gia Milana in The Road to El Dorado: A XXX Parody. She looks like the animated character brought into the real world, and delivers a performance that makes this video one of the highest rated on the whole site.

Best Pair of Models

Dani Jensen and Stephanie West

Dani Jensen and Stephanie West

Velma and Daphne are ready for some fun.

For decades fans of Scooby Doo have had fantasies about Velma and Daphne, and now, Dani Jensen and Stephanie West bring these characters to life. They're working another haunted house when Velma loses her glasses, and some sexy hijinks ensue. With a fun campy vibe, and two actresses who bring some of your favorite animated characters to life in XXX fashion, this is a great video for fans of threesomes.

Bottom line

While VRCosplayX has plenty of amazing models but Alessa Savage manages to rise above the rest. She does this by capturing the essence of her character, Jinx from League of Legends, and really makes you believe that a league of legends character has become a flesh and blood woman. One who is all in for some XXX fun.

The two videos that Alessa stars in are two of the highest rated videos on the service, for good reason and she is the star that absolutely should not be missed.


Author: Jen Karner

Jen Karner has been writing about porn in VR for 4 years, from the beginning when there weren't any major production companies delivering top tier NSFW content for VR headsets.