Black screens for no reason are a pain on any device. Here's how to fix the black screen when you install apps from the inside of the Daydream View

Black screen of Limbo

Essentially the issue here occurs when you try to install apps from inside the Daydream View. Instead of showing the install, google play treats you to the dark void of a black screen. Is this a warning? a metaphor for the blackness of our consumerist souls? Probably not. More likely it is just a bug. and it has a really simple fix.

When you navigate to the Playstore and choose your app you should install it as normal. When the black screen appears press your home button to return to the main Daydream home screen and navigate back into the playstore again. Once you have found the app you wanted to install simply click on it and when it opens it should kick into the installing screen and actually show you a progress bar.

I have had the issue where the app doesn't seem to install until you actually go back in to the app store but not everyone seems to have that problem. I play a lot of betas and weird indie apps so it could be an issue with them rather than this specific bug.

Step by Step

  1. Navigate to the Play store on the Daydream View
  2. Choose the App and click Install
  3. Click Home
  4. Re-Enter the Playstore and navigate to the app again.
  5. Watch the progress meter fulfill its destiny.

That's all folks

So thats it. A super simple fix for a super simple problem. VR and AR are so new there are bound to be irratating little bugs now and then. This is something that really shouldn't be there but until the bug is squished the work around is pretty simple.

Google Daydream



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