Bring your own music into these amazing VR games

Who doesn't love listening to their favorite music? Who doesn't love playing great games in VR? Imagine if you could combine the two in an amazing experience. Here are the best VR games across platforms that let you incorporate your own music for an unforgettable time.


Audioshield (about $20) has been around for quite awhile, and it's garnered quite a bit of attention thanks to a colorful, addictive playstyle. Your motion controllers take the shape of two large shields — both different colors — and it's your job to deflect incoming projectiles. These projectiles are synced with the beat of the music, so it really feels like you're right in the middle of your favorite tunes. Make a playlist as big as you want from your music and play until you drop.

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Harmonix Music VR

Harmonix Music VR (about $15) is a PSVR game with four different game modes. You can hang out on a beach or dance around while listening to your own music, but the best is arguably The Easel, which lets you create 3D drawings much like TiltBrush. The catch here is that whatever you draw reacts to the music you're listening to. Yes, you can import your own music into the game by plugging in a USB drive to the PS4.

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Starship Disco

Starship Disco (about $10) is like a retro arcade shooter that aligns itself with your music to deliver a rather psychedelic experience. You're the pilot of a starship that's hurtling down a tube filled with aliens that need blasting. Strobing lights and disco music baked into the game add to the experience, but the real fun is playing to your own tunes.


VRTIFY is a free platform that's all about delivering a new way to listen to music. Alongside live concerts and music videos, you can also choose an environment in which you listen to your own tunes, whether from your favorite streaming service or your local storage. There is so much to do here, the best thing to do is jump in and start exploring. Available on mobile platforms now, VRTIFY is coming soon to Vive, Rift, and PSVR.

Polynomial 2 - Universe of the Music

Along with more than sixty minutes of original soundtrack, Polynomial 2 (about $10) lets you use your own music as you fly through a glowing, psychedelic universe that's been invaded by aliens. There are nine different levels with more than ten different enemies and four weapons. Polynomial 2 is in Early Access so there's more content coming, but it's already a beautiful game that lets you listen to your music in VR.

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Soundboxing (about $8) is a favorite game when it comes to losing weight in VR. Search any song on YouTube and start punching at multi-colored balls that come your way. You're surrounded by androids who are also practicing their punching. The harder you hit the balls, the more points you score, so you're going to get hot fast. If you love VR exercise games and want to listen to your own music, this is the game for you.

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